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help / Re: Video playback?
« on: Fri, Jul 18, 2014 »
embed the movie from youtube


help / Re: A game inside a game
« on: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 »
i don't understand ... If you are looking for the nonoba racer file, the nonoba servers were shut down permanently

help / Re: [Tutorial]Dynamic vision system
« on: Tue, Dec 17, 2013 »
Great tutorial for a stealth game.

help / Flixel lightning tutorial lost, HELP
« on: Tue, Dec 17, 2013 »

I know there was here a tutorial how to achieve this effect in flixel games:
But I can't find it anymore....
EDIT: Something like this:


Can you post the whole project on github, so I can compile and test.


iOS / how to get started with flixel IOS?
« on: Fri, Dec 6, 2013 »
I have made games with flixel (as3) so far.
Now I want to be able to make andorid and ios versions.
I have 2 sollutions:
1. haxe flixel
2. flixel ios+flixel gdx.

My question is for flixel ios, there is a tutorial how to build a hello world, (mode-game?)
what software i need, do i need to own a mac?

help / Re: Facebook Integration
« on: Wed, Nov 13, 2013 »

help / Re: Facebook Integration
« on: Wed, Nov 13, 2013 »
Yes i did.
you can search this forum for facebook or :,6146.msg39863.html#msg39863

help / Re: Simple Gapless Audio Fix for Flixel
« on: Tue, Oct 22, 2013 »
You should use normal as3 project for the flash game , and for the mobile port you should port it fast with adobe air.
If you just began the game you can switch to haxe flixel.
Air  port you must use 2x zoom max resolution 420x240 to have 30 fps in haxeflixel you can use native 800x600 or higher.

help / Re: Simple Gapless Audio Fix for Flixel
« on: Tue, Oct 22, 2013 »
I use this tutorial, nothing else:
Work on mobile also.

help / Re: Simple Gapless Audio Fix for Flixel
« on: Tue, Oct 22, 2013 »
simply use flash cs to embed music

1. yes. for all objects you can override update then if istouching(left/right/up/down)
2. you can do this on your own very easy. if object .x <objecttobefoloowed .x {object.velocity.x =30} else obejct.velocity.y=0
3. yes in playstate, you can do that
Better for learn how thing are done is to study a tutorial like:
I think there is a 2.5 version of this tutorial.

yes I do , don't know why.

Cost Control means that I pay x$ for 1000CCU i limit my app for 1000CCU per server, and i know that i don't pay more than x$.
Calculating no of messages (your app) or bandwidth utilization (player io) for me seams more complicated and if a hacker uses the app to send messages i can receive a super huge bill.
This is my opinion,other may like to have all on cloud. Good luck beating player io.


It should work on multiple games too, I think.

I am very curios how a game can run without custom server side code.
My first assumption is that the server just forwards messages. This way the games are very easy to hack.
Second the plans as player io don't provide cost control.
Just 1 user connected with a minimum 1 mes/sec= 2.5 mil mess/mo.
Not to mention that in your tutorial there are 30-60 mess/sec without app control messeges.

I think you can use the same .sol file with FlxSave. If you modify the FlxSave to use same name it will use same save.

I have several questions:
1. The plan Straight is free for 3 month , then?
2. is there a way we can write Serverside code? I can only see client side in github.
Creating a multiplayer game involves writing server side code.
Your services seams more like
They are both cloud. But the tutorial is lacking most of player io features.
3. Where is  user data saved? How we save user data?
4. Kongregate login, own login?

I personally use UnionPlatoform due to its 1000 CCU free. and i can host my own servers.

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