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well, sorry to dissapoint but i haven't had a lot of free time this couple of weeks. i got into a new job and i won't have a lot of free time untill at least 2 weeks U_U

i will come back to this eventually though, just please, be patient

ill have a look at it this week when i have a bit of free time!

Ok, I checked, nothing the bugs are still there:
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>
1. the most important for me: if you are near the wall(as near as possible-- touching the wall) and you try  jump on that platform is doesn't jump. Odd thing if you release the mouse while you are landing it will land correct on higher platform.
2. if you walk at the edges of map you get stuck in some tiles, same tiles everytime.
3.diagonal wall - can walk through it . try to reach the upper right corner of map
4. sometimes when you walk, the tiles are drawn in front of the shadow. causing a eye discomfort.

After all a great plug in. Hope mol can solve this bugs to make it perfect.

hmm im having trouble understanding what you mean. could you please use this tool to be a little more specific?

Awesome! I see the demo has also been updated. Do you have a changelog for the new version by chance? There's a Haxe port of this lib, would probably be helpful to update that.

Also, ever thought about uploading this to GitHub?

@paala: Did you check the new version he uploaded yet?

Woa! i didn't knew this had gotten a port! how cool!

hmm well to be honest the development of this tool was quite hectic, i guess any txt file would be fine? or is there a standard of sorts?

i think uploading it to github is a good idea! let me see how it works!

Even though this thread is old, flixel 2.55 is even older. The last update on the GitHub repo was made 2 years ago - I'm pretty sure Axonmetric was created for 2.55.

Indeed! it was meant to work with 2.55

Hi! i had forgotten about this project xD!

i've checked the project for errors and saw that it wasn't the most recet version, the newest version is online now!


i'd like to present to you axonometric lib, a library that lets you create 2.5 d games on flixel  !

(movement = mouseclick + space)

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>

it works by modifiying FlxTilemap and adding a whole more code!

for its work it needs:

-two files
  --a topography file, that defines the shape of the map
  --a geography file, that defines the tiles of it.

-perspective parameters
  -- the way the map should be rendered ( isometric oblique or freestyle)
  -- and the cooresponding angles needed

if you're interested a detailed documentation of its classes can be found here

the library

and a demo project in flashdevelop!

if anyone finds anything that can be improved or changed free to make suggestion

have a good day!

PS- sorry if some of my grammar is weird, since english is not my first language!


I've updated the code for some errors, the demonstration project has a file to transfer parameters into the application more easily

(it is on states/textfiles)


(mode of render, orientation, position in rows respective to the map, postion in colums respective to the map, first angle, second angle)

feel free to experiment!

releases / Re: DAME finally goes open source
« on: Mon, Jul 30, 2012 »
Awesome! thanks!

Xander just realesed a new awesome version of dame!,6358.0.html

go check his tilemaps edit!

releases / Re: DAME 3 and DAME Samples
« on: Sun, May 20, 2012 »
cool! : D

hello flixel community!

this is my first game engine and i like it, quite a bit, i'd like to think this library has a lot of future, but maybe i'm being just hyped about it

i mean html 5 is kind of destroying old standards, will flixel survive this?

will flixel keep growing?

tell me your thoughts!

help / Re: Saving objects?
« on: Wed, Apr 25, 2012 »
this is really old , but still, some may read it : D

i fixed this with registerClassAlias,6273.0.html

: D

Hello flixel community

i noticed that FlxSave at loading files it cast them directly to Objet, losing its original class

that is fine if you save simple variables like health cash or points

but for a complete class this does not make the cut

so i just implemented a new method in FlxSave for this

you jut have to import

Code: [Select]

and add this method

Code: [Select]
public function bind_custom_class(Name:String,classAlias:String,className:Class):Boolean
name = Name;
registerClassAlias(classAlias, className);
_sharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal(name);

FlxG.log("ERROR: There was a problem binding to\nthe shared object data from FlxSave.");
return false;
data =;
return true;

wich is really the normal bind method with some slight modiffications, anyway to load a objet with its class definition you just have to do a code somewhat like this

Code: [Select]
//File save

var save:FlxSave = new FlxSave();
save.bind("file_i_alredy_saved"); = new ClassName();

//some code later
//File Load

var load:FlxSave = new FlxSave();
var simplevar:ClassName = ( as ClassName)

i hope this helps some of you! : D

Edit: i moddified some typos

releases / Re: Spriter - Flixel implementation
« on: Mon, Apr 23, 2012 »

releases / Re: Spriter - Flixel implementation
« on: Sun, Apr 22, 2012 »
also, might be a dum question but where can i download the api for creating the api for creating the SCML files?

well what the hell was i writing xD

i meant the api for creating SCML files

what are DataX classes?

help / Re: DAME - a new map editor made using flixel!
« on: Sun, Apr 22, 2012 »
just a request

could you add a function to a group to move all items in it by a specific amount?

to be more specific lets say i have a group with 6 sprite_blocks in different sprite layers, one tilemap in a map layer and these being their coordinates

block1 x=0   y=0
block2 x=5   y=0
block3 x=10  y=0

block4 x=0    y=5
block5 x=5    y=5
block6 x=10  y=5

tilemap x=20 y=20

and lets say i want to move them 5 units in x and 5 units in y
giving the new coordinates:

block1 x=5   y=5
block2 x=10   y=5
block3 x=15  y=5

block4 x=5    y=10
block5 x=10    y=10
block6 x=15  y=10

tilemap x=25 y=25

could you do this?


releases / Re: Spriter - Flixel implementation
« on: Sat, Apr 21, 2012 »
it looks amazing

just here to report a small typo

in Demo state there is this code, wich is faulty

Code: [Select]
add(spriter = new FlxSpriter(getXML(Sprites.BetaFormatHero), Sprites), 200, 300);
add(spriter = new FlxSpriter(getXML(Sprites.BetaFormatHero), Sprites), 400, 300);

and this code is fixed

Code: [Select]
add(spriter = new FlxSpriter(getXML(Sprites.BetaFormatHero), Sprites, 200, 300));
add(spriter = new FlxSpriter(getXML(Sprites.BetaFormatHero), Sprites, 400, 300));

: P

also, might be a dum question but where can i download the api for creating the api for creating the SCML files?

help / Re: DAME - a new map editor made using flixel!
« on: Fri, Apr 20, 2012 »

sorry for not posting something yet, my laptop broke down and im kind of stranded at the moment, i ll work on it when i get it back though :D

releases / Re: Spriter - Flixel implementation
« on: Mon, Apr 16, 2012 »
woa, this looks amazing!

but im wondering if its free to use : S?

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