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iOS / flixel + AIR SDK 2.6
« on: Sun, Jun 12, 2011 »

I packaged an old flixel game (v1.5x) for iOS/Android with the AIR SDK 2.6 and would love to hear how it runs on your devices. You can get the free versions here:

Little Robo Run (iOS)
Little Robo Run (Android)

I mainly just needed to throw in multitouch controls and adjust the screen size. It runs @ 25-30 fps on an iPod 3rd gen. Can't wait for AIR SDK 2.7...

Thanks :)

games / Super Pixelknight [finished]
« on: Sat, Nov 20, 2010 »

after several months of coding, designing and insane "this-****-doesn't-work" screaming, it is finally done...

Some of you may remember the Pixelknight games... well, here is a "super" version of it.
(Click into the thumbnail to give it a try)

Your feedback is much appreciated.


games / Pixelknight II
« on: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 »
Hello everyone,

I made a sequel to my first flixel game "Pixelknight". Though it's not a survival game this time ;)
Thanks for all the nice suggestions. Some of them made it into part II.

Any feedback is appreciated, so thank you.
(click into the thumbnail to play in a new window)


games / Robo Run
« on: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 »
Hi folks,

I created another game with this excellent framework named "flixel" (you might have heard of)  ;D

It's a little puzzle platformer with a twist. You have to master the force of gravity to pass through each mind-bending level (at least it's intended to be mind-bending, haha). Click into the thumbnail to play.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks to Rybar for his moving platform example :)


games / Particle Blast (unusual flixel game)
« on: Fri, Feb 19, 2010 »
Greetings fellow coders,

I created a flixel-powered minigame during the last few days. It's nothing special beside the abuse of some emitters  ;D

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


games / POD Fighter (not a platformer)
« on: Sat, Feb 13, 2010 »
Hello flixel-artists,

I just released a new project. The main goal was to create a non-platform game with mouse aiming.
This is what it turned out (click into the thumbnail to start playing in a new window):


I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks to PaulGene for the tasty anti-aliasing hint ;D
The Graphics were done by Danc ( Music by Eiswuxe (

Further thanks to Titch and his Mappy Tutorial. Excellent man, it helped me a lot getting started.


games / Pixelknight
« on: Tue, Jan 26, 2010 »
Greetings flixeladdicts,  ;D

my first flixel/flan-powered game "Pixelknight" was just released: play

I dug into flixel about 2 weeks ago and I can hardly describe how awesome it is. It is even more powerful combined with Flan. It was a pleasure using this stuff :)

Biggest thanks fly out to adam_atomic for flixel (dude!!) , SeiferTim whose tutorial helped me a lot getting started, nitram_cero... flixel's right hand and forum support god :D (everytime I searched the forums for help, nitram_cero came up with a solution.) and to the rest of the flixel community.

I hope you like the game. Any feedback is appreciated.

knarrenheinz (proud owner of Flan Map Editor license #13 and banana milk addict)

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