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chat / 2d Pixel artist available for freelance work
« on: Mon, Sep 28, 2015 »

Hi there Dev people,

Hope you are doing great,

I wanted to say that i'm available to do some freelance work, and that i'm offering my services at very cheap prices,

If you ever want to build up a prototype or a full game, I will be glad to provide you with what you need,

You can contact me via mail:
or send me a message o this same exact thread

For those who wants to follow me on twitter, I have an account there:
Concerning people whom are interested in buying these gfx packs:

Wishing you the best of luck guys :D

N.B: Below lies some of my work to let people have an idea of the kind of art i do furnish

games / 2D pixelart gameassets packs
« on: Fri, Aug 28, 2015 »
Hi my name is fassous, and i'm a 2d pixelart spriteartist and game creator,

It's been 2 years i did convert to selling assets, useful ones to devs who wants to create games,

I'll be happy to share my creations with you, community, and hopefully to get some of my art sold,

Here you can have a glimpse on what i do provide:

Also, you can follow me on twitter to get updated with new content:


Have a great day,

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