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Just trying to run this ...

var intRange:int;

_mMyNewRoom.setTileProperties(6, flixel.FlxObject.ANY, UpdateRoom2, null,intRange);

where _mMyNewRoom is a map, and UpdateRoom2 is a void with no parameters.

I get the error ...  cannot skip Cannot skip non-nullable argument Range
which is the last parameter. Spent about two trying out different things, but I'm flummoxed alright.


help / total noob here, doing tutorial here ...
« on: Sat, Oct 10, 2015 »

When I run this demo, the whole thing doesn't seem very smooth at all.
I googled around and changed constructor from
super(320, 240, PlayState, 2);
super(320, 240, PlayState, 2,60,60);

It just doesn't seem like a very smooth game like, for instance, the flash game in ...

It all seems very jittery and stuff.

Can I do all that smooth stuff with Flixel ?


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