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Hey folks.
I just started up a new project with the latest Flixel build (2.5 Master, 8989e50)

I have a bunch of "enemy" sprites on the stage, and a "tool" sprite that follows the Mouse, and deals damage to the enemy when they overlap.

The example is attached. Press and hold the "Up" arrow to spawn new enemy sprites. Move the mouse to move the Tool.

I am seeing some strangeness that seems to stem from the Quad Tree. As you can see in the example, the overlap between the tool sprite and the enemy sprite produces many false positives. This becomes very apparent if you spawn many enemies, and then slowly move the mouse. It looks like the Quad Tree is counting ANYTHING in a large zone as Overlapping, instead of going through those zones, and checking for a valid overlapping. The quad tree seems to be skipping the crucial last step of the process.

Has anyone seen this before? Am I using FlxG.Overlap incorrectly? Is this a known issue? I've never had a problem just shoving Sprites together before.

Example SWF is Here.

Project Source is Here.


games / Careless Talk
« on: Sat, Nov 28, 2009 »
Careless Talk
Costs Lives
A game of WWII stealth and subterfuge.

Well, kind of.  This started off as a game I only intended to have completed start to finish in a week, but I decided to make it into a full fledged portfolio piece.

The idea is centered around those WWII propaganda posters where Hitler himself is listening in on two townsfolk gossiping about troop movements, sometimes disguised as an every day object.

You play as the Fuhrer Himself, deep undercover in London.
Move left and right with the arrow keys
Press X to Disguise yourself as a Post Bin
Move in close to civilians having conversations
If you are not disguised, they will become suspicious, and stop talking.
Press C at the phone booth to relay information back to Headquarters.  Large bursts of information are FAR more usefull than small bursts.

Enjoy, and tell me what you think!

help / Flashlight Effect in Fathom
« on: Tue, Jul 14, 2009 »
I'm trying to deconstruct the flashlight effect in Fathom, and can't figure it out.  Is it a massive black and transparent sprite that sit on top of everything else, and has it's alpha dialed up and down?  I don't suppose there is source code available.

I am trying to have 2 different block sprites, one being revealed when the flashlight sweeps over it.  Any suggestions?

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