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The official flixel project on github hasn't been updated in over a year, despite there being 68 reported issues and 14 pull requests. I've noticed a couple of people have made forks to fix these issues, for example this one: which also includes some organisational improvements and fixes to the input system, and this one: which has a lot of Camera improvements and minor performance fixes.

I'm wondering then if anyone is trying to unify these fixes in any way? Is there a semi-official github project somewhere that has all these patches in one place? It seems the only way to have an "up to date" flixel at the moment is to spend time going through the forums and pull requests and collecting all the different contributions yourself.

The FlashPunk website is currently linking to a fork of the original project that is being maintained by someone else, why does not flixel not have something similar?

help / Has anyone fixed FlxQuadTree yet?
« on: Wed, Aug 22, 2012 »
I'm currently working on some mobile stuff with flixel, and I've found that FlxQuadTree is causing serious performance issues. FlxG.overlap is creating a new FlxQuadTree every frame, which seems to create several new FlxQuadTrees itself, which all create multiple new FlxLists. This is causing the garbage collector to go crazy and slow the whole app down.

I tried googling the problem and came across this:
He's also noticed that FlxQuadTree is bad, but unfortunately doesn't provide a solution except to "build a persistent static grid".

Does anyone know either:
a) How to build a persistent static grid in flixel or
b) How to prevent FlxQuadTree from creating so many instances every frame?

help / collide not working on right side
« on: Thu, Apr 14, 2011 »
I have a weird problem I can't find any help with. I have a player which has a bounding box like this:

Code: [Select]
width = 14;
height = 26;
offset.x = 10;
offset.y = 6;

and a door like this:
Code: [Select]
width = 30;
height = 23;
offset.x = 6;
offset.y = 25;

I then call
Code: [Select]

in the update function of my gamestate. This works fine until I try to make the bounding box for the door smaller. If I set the width to less than about 20 it stops working when I approach it from the right. I can walk into the door from the left or fall on it from above and it still works, but trying to walk into it from the right just results in the player walking straight past.

Anybody know what the problem is?

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