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chat / [Survey] Video Game Genres vs. Ages
« on: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 »
I've got a survey for ya'll!
It's for my Psychology class. I gotta set up a survey and then form a hypothesis about the data collected.
So while everyone else chose questions about drugs and alcohol compared to GPA, I chose to ask a question I'm truly interested in!
I've got two locations - physical, (My high school) and virtual (Several gaming/game development forums)
So here's the link:
Please fill it out if you have the time! Do it in the name of science! XD
Data will be collected by Thursday.

chat / Hey Guys! Remember me? <3
« on: Fri, Aug 1, 2014 »
Hello Flixel Forumers!

I haven't done any flixel work for many many months due to me programming a minecraft server... ;)
Anyways, I have to wonder - has flixel updated at all?  ???
Also anything new and shiny in the world of flixel?
Nice seeing ya'll again :D

help / Anything new?
« on: Fri, Dec 27, 2013 »
Hey guys, remember me?
I was just scrolling through the forum and wondered "Is there anything new?"
So thats my question haha:
Anything changed for the past 4 months in the flixel world?

Hey all. This game is not flixel, nor flash, but with javascript/html5.

It's a start.

I'm hoping for it to become a full game!! (Updated regularly for the demo of thermalJS)

I hope this topic will work in the games section...


Oh! And since this was made with thermalJS, a library I'm working. Here's the link:,6312.0.html

Here is a screen shot of the game:

releases / thermalJS [Version 0.29, "Full Bast"]
« on: Sat, May 5, 2012 »
Hooray! New version! Now you can listen to music and play sounds!
Now I'm naming releases. This time it's called "Full Blast" because that's what I do with my music at midnight.

Download Here

Release Notes:
In this version I have:

    Started commenting on functions, (Hey! It takes a while!)
    Deleted useless variables.
    Fixed multiple bugs with null variables and broken functions,
    Found out “mouse clicking” doesn’t work on mobile devices. I’ll fix this later…
    Added a pool object – pool things like bullets and stuff! I’ll add a bullet and enemy pool later…
    Added a Text object… Need to make \n part work…
    Added Music
    Added Sounds and soundPool…

Very big update and a big jump from version 1.15 or whatever.

Stupid uploading on bluehost isn't working right, probably because I'm in linux, so I can't show you a sample game. Sorry. :(
Also started calling my versions names. This version-thing is called “Full Blast”.
You know, like full blasting your music? ;) Next one may be called “Deep Pool” because I’ll be
adding bulletPool and enemyPool, (Flixel calls it Recycling as most of you guys know)

help / Ug... Level Design
« on: Wed, Feb 22, 2012 »
I have to make 20 levels, and don't know where to start. Any pointers??? :/

releases / My First Tutorial!
« on: Sat, Jan 28, 2012 »
Hi, I made a tutorial on flixel and pixel-perfect-colliding on my new blog. :)
Here it is, hope you like it:

It's based on these links:,5857,4891

And I never looked at these tutorials, but apparently the code from the second link came from here:

P.S: Sorry about the cruddyness of the player sprite, I just threw it together, and I suck at pixel art in the first place. The arms swing really weird. :(
P.P.S: Oh, and for some reason if you go on the home page of my blog, in IE it doesn't work, but FireFox does.  :o :o
I managed to fix it, but then it didn't work in FireFox!! Does anybody have a mac and want's to see if it works there?


Here's the demo that does still exist:
And the code!

help / Any good pixel art tutorials?
« on: Sun, Jan 15, 2012 »
Hi all. I'm trying to learn the "art" of pixel art, but I just can't get it good, especially tilemap tiles.
So c are there any pixel art tutorials on the web that you can think of? I would be grateful. :)
Thanks in advance. =D 

help / Pixel Perfect Colliding with Power Tools
« on: Sat, Jan 7, 2012 »
Hey all!
I can't figure out out to do pixel perfect colliding with PhotonStorm's Power tools. Here's my code:
Code: [Select]

if(FlxCollision.pixelPerfectCheck(player,map) == true) {
Thanks in advance.   8)

help / Kongregate width and height messing up
« on: Sat, Dec 24, 2011 »
I tried to post my game, but Kongregate messed up the width and height! >:(

releases / Bug Fix!
« on: Thu, Dec 22, 2011 »
I think I should post this here...

Well there happens to be a glitch in play() in FlxSprite.
Code: [Select]
if(!Force && (_curAnim != null) && (AnimName == && (_curAnim.looped || !finished)) return;

should be this:
Code: [Select]
if(!Force && (_curAnim != null) && (AnimName == && (!_curAnim.looped || !finished)) return;
With this fix you can turn off lopping on a animation
This fix should be dropped into the flixel thing on github. :)

games / Sleigh Run [Kinda Finished]
« on: Tue, Dec 20, 2011 »
Here it is! It's not perfect, but it was too wide to put it in kongregate, so I put it on deviantart:

Auriplane supplied the awesome music. :)
Hi all! I am finally posting my first to be published game...
Well, I am working on another game, but it's rather big and not finished. And I wanted to make a Christmas game, so I did. I just wanted to post my work so far, so here it is. It only has one level updated, so I just made it so it locks all levels except number one... I made it so two players can play, though I haven't worked on that too much, so it's rather glitchy... The sprites are crappy, and there is no music. I have only 4 days to finish the main game. Oh Crap. Well, here's the actual game:
Right Here

Please tell me what you think of it!

And BTW, does anyone know of free Christmas/holiday 8-bit music I can put on my game? I cannot do any music myself. :(

help / Repeating glitch found!
« on: Sun, Dec 11, 2011 »
Well, I think I found a glitch in flixel! :O
You know how you can make a animation repeat? Well, for me it wasn't working, and I peaked at the code and I found out that this: (in the play function in FlxSprite)
Code: [Select]
if(!Force && (_curAnim != null) && (AnimName == && (_curAnim.looped || !finished)) return;
should be this:

Code: [Select]
if(!Force && (_curAnim != null) && (AnimName == && (!_curAnim.looped || !finished)) return;It worked for me, so I guess it's fixed now! :D

EDIT: Oh, I guess I shoudn't have put this on the help page! Oops... :D

help / Pausing Help
« on: Fri, Oct 7, 2011 »
Hi all. I have been working (a lot) on my game, and I now want to make my own pause-menu-thing. You know, either when you press pause, or when you click out side the window. I know I could just search it in the searching thing, and go waay back in time to find the answer, but I want the answer to be current.
So how do I do this? I just want a little transparent box to pop up with info, and you can scroll through the text/images using the arrow keys. (and then exit the menu using "p"!)
Thanks in advance!

Have a happy cloudy day! (If that is possible!)


P.S: Oh, I just remembered! I made a new blog about me, my game, and flixel! If you want, have a look at

releases / Free enemy code!
« on: Wed, Sep 7, 2011 »
Hey all! I was planning on using a enemy that when you got close enough, it swooped down and attacked, then fled. :)
But it didn't work with what I was wanting for my game, so I commented it out.
But today I realized something. Why waste all the work I did? (And lack there of)
So I decided to give away the code on this forum, and I guessed the Releases topic would be the best place to give it away. SO HERE IT IS!!!

Code: [Select]

       public var species:Number
public var can_seex:Number;
public var distance_x:Number;
public var distance_y:Number;
public var can_seey:Number;
public var timeout:Number;

public var canseeplayer:Boolean;

//The player is...a player. :O
public var player:Player;

public function Enemy(X:int,Y:int,thePlayer:Player,Species:Number,Type:Number)

if (Species == 1 && Type == 1){
//Enemy Dark Cloud

elasticity = 0.3;
speed = 40;
weight = 70;
addAnimation("move", [0, 1], 1);
addAnimation("die", [3]);
//how far it can see
can_seex = 2*25;
can_seey = 2*25;

player = thePlayer;
canseeplayer = false;

override public function update():void
* If the species is smarty, following, then look for player, then attack. :D
* can_seex and canseey is how far the enemy can "see", multiplied by 25 to get the distance by tiles.
if(species == 1 && alive) {
distance_x = Math.abs(player.x - x);
distance_y = Math.abs(player.y - y);

if(distance_x <= can_seex && distance_y <= can_seey)
canseeplayer = true;
canseeplayer = false;

if(canseeplayer == true) {
if (player.x < x)
facing = FlxObject.LEFT;
acceleration.x = -speed*4;

if (player.x > x)
facing = FlxObject.RIGHT;
acceleration.x = speed*4;

if (player.y > y)
acceleration.y = weight*4;

if (player.y < y)
acceleration.y = -weight*4;

if(canseeplayer == false) {

timeout -= FlxG.elapsed;
if(timeout <= 0)

timeout = 4 + FlxG.random() + FlxG.random()
} else
timeout = 4 + FlxG.random()

if(velocity.x == 0)
velocity.x = speed*((FlxG.random()>0.9)?-1:1);
velocity.y = 0;
velocity.x = 0;
// velocity.y = speed*((FlxG.random()>0.5)?-1:1);
velocity.x = 0;

if(alive) {

It's pretty glitchy, and nice and messy, but hey, it's free. Hope you enjoy it...

I might have missed a bracket here and there, and the Timeout thing isn't working...
Hope someone get's something from this code...

help / FlxWeapon Help!!
« on: Sat, Sep 3, 2011 »
I was using flxweapon on a new project, and decided I wanted to put a weapon on my game. I tried to do that, but it wasn't working. What I did was this:
Code: [Select]
lazer = new FlxWeapon("lazer", player, "x", "y");
lazer.makeAnimatedBullet(20, Imgnewbullet, 8, 16, [1, 2, 3, 4], 30, true, 12, 6);
lazer.setBulletDirection(FlxWeapon.BULLET_UP, 180);

btw, player is a separate .as file. :D
Code: [Select]
public var player:Player;   
Code: [Select]
player = new Player(17*25,9*25);   
So what's the problem?

Thanks in advance!!

P.S: Thanks for Photonstorm for all of those power tools! And thanks so much for Flixel, AdamAtomic!!!

help / [Solved] Following text help!
« on: Tue, Aug 30, 2011 »
Hi all! I'm back for more questions!!

My game has a camera that follows the character.

I am wanting to make text always on the far-left corner, right corner, bottom, etc, but I don't know how. :(

If you could help me, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance! :D

iOS / Questions about iOS programing
« on: Mon, Aug 29, 2011 »
Hi, I'm new here, and I have a few questions about Flixel-iOS.

 - For one thing, with flixel-based-iOS, is everything programed the same except the input? (Mouse and keyboard)

 - And is iOS a good place to start in flixel programing?

 - And finally, Is there a reason not that many people have made a flixel-based app?

 - Is it free to make an app in the appstore?

 - How is the app tested on a device?

Well, those are my main questions. If you could answer them, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!

help / [SOLVED AWESOMELY] World Bounds? Help!
« on: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 »
I am a newbie here, and I need some help. When my character reaches a certain point, it moves the character to the other side.

The code is pretty much creating the trees, grass, stumps, etc. Then creates the character, creates coins in certain spots, adds an invisible exit like in EZPlatformer, yada yada yada. The problem arises when you keep on walking down. Does flixel have a default world bounds or something??

Here's the code: sorry about the length.
Code: [Select]
override public function create():void
FlxG.bgColor = 0xff000000;

grass = new FlxTilemap();
grass.loadMap(new map_grass,img_grass,25,25,FlxTilemap.AUTO);
grass.y = 0;
grass.x = 0;

trees = new FlxTilemap();
trees.loadMap(new map_trees,img_trees,25,25,FlxTilemap.AUTO);
trees.y = 0;
trees.x = 0;

stumps = new FlxTilemap();
stumps.loadMap(new map_stumps,img_stumps,25,25,FlxTilemap.AUTO);
stumps.y = 0;
stumps.x = 0;

exit = new FlxSprite(200,150);
exit.loadGraphic(ImgExit, true, true, 16);
exit.exists = false;

coins = new FlxGroup();


player = new FlxSprite(50, 50);
player.loadGraphic(ImgCharacter, true, true, 16);

player.width = 14;
player.height = 14;
player.offset.x = 1;
player.offset.y = 1;

player.drag.x = 640;
player.drag.y = 640;

player.maxVelocity.x = 80;
player.maxVelocity.y = 80;

    player.addAnimation("look_down", [0]);
player.addAnimation("run_down", [4, 5], 12);
player.addAnimation("run_up", [10, 11], 12);
player.addAnimation("run_left", [8, 2], 12);
player.addAnimation("run_right", [6, 3], 12);
player.addAnimation("look_up", [1]);
player.addAnimation("look_left", [2]);
player.addAnimation("look_right", [3]);



public function createCoin(X:uint,Y:uint):void
var coin:FlxSprite = new FlxSprite(X*18,Y*18);
coin.loadGraphic(ImgBlack, true, true, 16);

override public function update():void


player.acceleration.y = 0;
player.acceleration.x = 0;


player.acceleration.x -= player.drag.x;
else if(FlxG.keys.RIGHT)

player.acceleration.x += player.drag.x;

else if(FlxG.keys.DOWN)

player.acceleration.y += player.drag.y;

else if(FlxG.keys.UP)

player.acceleration.y -= player.drag.y;





if(player.y > FlxG.height)
FlxG.score = 1;

Again, sorry about the length of the code. :D

Thanks in advance! =^.^=


help / Sprites in Groups Question
« on: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 »
Hi peoples!

I have a total noob question.

In EZPlatformer, the coins are "spawned" or created by FlxGroup. I want to make a coin animate, and I think that means I need to make the coin a sprite.
But I want to make the sprites easy to create and place, like what a group does. Is this possible, and if so, how can I do this?

Thanks in advance! =^.^=

-CTC (Camasthecat)

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