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help / Spell check?
« on: Sun, Apr 5, 2015 »
Anyone know of a good tool that can spell check anything between quotation marks in your code?

Hopefully something integrated into Flash Develop would be nice.

This seems like a fairly obvious feature, but I can't seem to find it.

It is an odd question, but here is the situation.

Essentially, I created platforms that the player can use to ride between two points. The player and other objects collide with these platforms normally, but if the player stands still while on a moving platform then he doesn't seem to collide with other platforms or fixed objects.

The game thinks the player's velocity is 0 even though he is being moved by the platform. I need the game to think he is moving so it will check for collisions, but without actually moving him because it would mess up the ride on the platform.

help / Advanced Aiming Algorithm?
« on: Tue, Jan 27, 2015 »
It is pretty easy to aim bullets at the player's exact spot, but does anyone have an experience aiming precisely at a moving player?

Clearly distance, the velocity of the player, and the velocity of the bullet have to be taken into account, but the last part of it seems most confusing to me since the velocity of the bullet is mutable based on the other factors. 

Has anyone solved this?

help / Importing from old computer (problems)
« on: Tue, Jan 6, 2015 »
I was finally able to get a new computer (old one broke) and transfer most of my old project, and it compiles, but I think I did something wrong and I'm not sure where to look.

As of right now, the most noticeable problem is that FlxText doesn't seem to be working. None of my texts show up anywhere, but a trace statement in FlxText shows that it is being called and running. Some of the variables appear to be messed up as well, but I could be mistaken on this because it is such a massive project and I could've been testing something at the time. Other aspects of Flixel seem to be working like the emitters, sounds and graphics.

Technical info:
Flixel 2.34

Old Computer:

Using Flash Player 10
Windows Vista
32 Bit OS

New Computer:

Using Flash Player 16
Windows 7
64 bit OS

This is a bit of a puzzle for me and I could use some help from those who have more technical aptitude and experience than myself.

The more I think about it the more I think it may have to do with my new install of FlashDevelop. FlxText is supposed to import:

   import flash.display.BitmapData;
   import flash.text.TextField;
   import flash.text.TextFormat;

but perhaps it doesn't have the right file location for them. I had to more the file location for my project to the "user" area in order to compile. In Vista I had it in the programfiles/flashdevelop/projects/myproject/ (or similar). If I could compile the project from my old location then that may just solve all these problems.

help / Any negatives to FlxG.framerate = 20; ?
« on: Mon, Sep 8, 2014 »
It seems to be a decent way of slowing game play without using timescale.

help / Autobuffer problem?
« on: Wed, Aug 20, 2014 »
With some of my rotated sprites there is an odd, but slight, graphic problem when I have autobuffer off, but when I turn autobuffer on it seems to screw up the collisions, by, I assume, resetting or altering the offsets.

I'm using 2.34. Anyone have any experience with either of these problems?

help / SOLVED: Strange sound help
« on: Wed, Aug 6, 2014 »
(Using Flixel 2.34)

Ok, I've had some problems whittling this down before I brought it here, but I think it might be focused enough now for help.

Basically, the sound in my game is cutting in and out quite badly, but it is related to a couple specific objects that I create - a trap-generating system and the traps it creates.

I'm 99% positive that this has to do with how the looped sounds are implemented in these two classes. The strange thing is that the sound bug is somehow related to the player class. I do pass the player to them so they know its health/position/etc, but I do that with many other classes and don't have a problem with them.

I did a trace statement to see when the rocket sound I had was starting and stopping and oddly it seems to start the rocket sound when my player fires or does just about anything that makes a sound. This seems like a variable problem and I could really use some pointers, because the rocket sound should only stop playing when offscreen or when it dies.

It seems like it might also only be for certain sounds. The basic weapon doesn't play its sound or play it consistently when these objects are alive, but another weapon does.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Both classes implement sound like this:

[Embed(source = "../../../data/rocket.mp3")] private var SndRocket2:Class;

//Trap function
Rocket =, .5);

//Trap update function

if (!Rocket.playing) Rocket =, .5);
else if (!onScreen() && Rocket.playing) Rocket.stop();

//This is in another conditional that checks to see if it is OnScreen and a few other //things, but this isn't the problem since the other class doesn't have such a //conditional and it is also causing the problem.

Earlier I tried implementing sounds in a different way (don't recall now) and it seemed to have a similar bug related to the player class - causing some sounds the player started to loop for a while. Somehow the FlxSounds between the two are getting mixed up with each other.

games / My first game - Saturn Blue (aka Super Mode)
« on: Sat, Feb 8, 2014 »
I finally uploaded it on Kongregate here:

Hopefully there aren't too many problems upon release. Obviously my base code is Mode, but I added a lot of content which may not be apparent until higher levels.

If it is popular/well-rated I'm going to create a fun level pack/mini-game pack to go along with it.

Let me know what you guys think.

help / FlxG.Elapsed != accurate?
« on: Thu, Sep 26, 2013 »
Using Flixel 2.34

I use it a lot, but it seems like the shotclock for one of my enemy types gets really screwed up.

Normally this enemy only spawns at the start of a playstate and it seems fine then, but I've been working on the boss and under some circumstances he'll spawn this enemy - and it seems like FlxG.elapsed is going faster as more of these enemies are spawned.

Any ideas?

The shotclock is basically

shotclock += FlxG.elapsed;

and that's the only time it is changed other than to reset it to zero after firing.

I'm wondering if the update function is somehow being called more frequently, but I have no idea why that would be happening. My other guess is that somehow the shotclock variable is being shared for all of these enemies and every time they are spawned the update functions collectively gets more FlxG.elapsed added per cycle.

It isn't totally game-breaking since these guys don't spawn unless the player is incorrectly trying to beat the boss, but I really would like to understand it.

I've seen it done in the Protector and Mardek games. Can this be done without using a server?

I only need to transfer a very small amount of data.

help / FlxButtons are driving me nuts!
« on: Sat, Sep 7, 2013 »
This shouldn't be this difficult, but this works:

playbutton.loadText(new FlxText(0, 0, 100, "go"));

But this doesn't work:

playtext = new FlxText(0, 0, 100, "Go");         
playbutton = new FlxButton(300, 300, startmission);
playbutton.loadText(playtext, playtext);

I'm using Flixel 2.34 - what the hell is the problem? I can't seem to get the text on it the second way, and I need to do it the second way (I think) so I can change the color and stuff.

help / Destroying Blocks in Mode
« on: Wed, Aug 14, 2013 »
I've been playing around with Mode and I noticed that when I hurt blocks I can destroy them - which is really neat, but the problem is that the block chunks seem to be full of "empties" so when I destroy the outer layer you have these intangible but visible blocks.

Any thoughts on how to get rid of the empties?

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