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I need a way to make FlxG.mouse invisible, dynamically.


"Then again, are them the type of people we want to hear from?"

You mean people who don't type ActionScript3, case sensitive, digit by digit, as their initial instinct to an already snarky question?

This is the most pedantic entrance to a forum I've encountered.

And if you guys don't mind me saying, it sets a really bad first impression if you ask me.
This is only my first post and I don't even wanna know how many of my spelling errors you guys are going to correct.

I mean I thought StackOverflow was up it's own ass, but god DAMN!

Flash (and Flixel it seems) are already on their deathbed. This is no time to be picky.

Hey ADMINS and/or whoever is the master of this domain. Drop the security questions. You aren't doing yourself any favors.

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