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chat / Re: [Survey] Video Game Genres vs. Ages
« on: Mon, Oct 20, 2014 »
hehe :D

chat / [Survey] Video Game Genres vs. Ages
« on: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 »
I've got a survey for ya'll!
It's for my Psychology class. I gotta set up a survey and then form a hypothesis about the data collected.
So while everyone else chose questions about drugs and alcohol compared to GPA, I chose to ask a question I'm truly interested in!
I've got two locations - physical, (My high school) and virtual (Several gaming/game development forums)
So here's the link:
Please fill it out if you have the time! Do it in the name of science! XD
Data will be collected by Thursday.

haha very addicting!

chat / Re: Hey Guys! Remember me? <3
« on: Fri, Aug 29, 2014 »
Indeed. I remember back in the day when these forums were crawling with people... :'( Good times...

Did you ever release that other snail game? ;)

chat / Re: Hey Guys! Remember me? <3
« on: Mon, Aug 4, 2014 »
ouch :S

chat / Hey Guys! Remember me? <3
« on: Fri, Aug 1, 2014 »
Hello Flixel Forumers!

I haven't done any flixel work for many many months due to me programming a minecraft server... ;)
Anyways, I have to wonder - has flixel updated at all?  ???
Also anything new and shiny in the world of flixel?
Nice seeing ya'll again :D

help / Anything new?
« on: Fri, Dec 27, 2013 »
Hey guys, remember me?
I was just scrolling through the forum and wondered "Is there anything new?"
So thats my question haha:
Anything changed for the past 4 months in the flixel world?

games / Re: Starwatcher [WIP]
« on: Sat, Aug 31, 2013 »
Looks great, hope to see it release soon!

help / Re: Top Down Zelda Style Sword Swing
« on: Sat, Aug 31, 2013 »
Is this an art question or a programming one?

games / Re: Leave Me A Clone
« on: Mon, Jun 17, 2013 »
not bad, but is this game made in flixel at all? XD

Collectibles will be fun!

help / Re: Flixel and RPG's
« on: Tue, Jun 11, 2013 »
Yeah so many people had trouble with this when their starting out; me included. There should be a more complex version of EZPlatformer (The first tutorial I looked at)

or something...

Come to think of it, flashgamedojo really needs to be updated...

help / Re: Updating world bounds?
« on: Wed, Apr 10, 2013 »
There needs to be noob tutorials on flixel. I mean, there are, but not like things I had trouble with.

Things like loading a tilemap with more than just 1's and 0's, and stuff like this. Maybe a sticky post??

It took me a while to figure this stuff out, was that just me?


Maybe make it so enemies only update if they are somewhat close to the camera?

Each sprite would individuality check if their close, and if not, no update.

Well I signed up. It's a pretty useful website actually!

help / Re: can't get Framrate > 30
« on: Tue, Mar 19, 2013 »
Are you running this in air or browser?

You could also upload it for us to see.


To me, Flixel is amazing.
It's Simple, with not many features.

But it works.

There are virtually no major glitches.

Sure, pixel-perfect collision and such would be nice,

But it works as it is.

Note : An actual beta version would be nice though. And yes, I enjoyed italicing things.

Could You add an example game/pictures?
Sounds nice though...

releases / Re: Random dungeon generator
« on: Thu, Mar 14, 2013 »
Cool, I'll have to play around with it later.

Ditto. XD

chat / Re: Experiences with breaking your own game
« on: Tue, Mar 12, 2013 »
I have a little computer in the closet (running linux of course) that backs up all of the computers every day. :)
I usually forget about it, but whenever I remember and lost something I just look there. Linux all the way!

That Git thing sounds nice though, cause then you don't have to buy another f***ing computer. XD

Do you think you could use another hosting service other than swfcabin? I can never connect, and I know other people have had trouble...

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