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releases / Animal Crackers
« on: Tue, Sep 15, 2015 »
I know I talked about this a loooong time ago, but it's finally here!

Animal Crackers
Today's the President's birthday! As one of the only Independent members of the Animal Congress, it is up to you, an adorable tie-wearing mouse, to break the gridlock and ensure the President has the greatest party ever!

You will get to meet and greet many animals on your quest to gather party goods. Some items the President will love; others not so much—talk to a diverse zoo of characters to find out which. Make sure to invite a guest of honor, too!

Play online for free:

It's been out for a day and has done decently well from what I can see. I'm just glad it's finally out there for people to play! v1.1 will come out later this week with some small changes and more collectible items. This is also my first Flixel game release, wow! :) Flixel's a pretty great library, so thanks to all who helped develop it!

games / Animal Crackers - Gameplay Trailer
« on: Wed, Jan 7, 2015 »
Gameplay Trailer:

Animal Crackers is a side-scrolling discovery Flash game built with the Flixel library. It is the birthday of the Li-bear-tarian President, but the Congress full of Demo-cats and Republi-canines is unable to prepare for it due to ideological differences. As one of the two Independents in Congress, it is your national duty to scavenge for presents, decorations, and cuisine for the President's party.

All footage shown in the trailer is gameplay footage, none of which is pre-rendered. The game's native resolution is Half-HD, 960x540. We hope you enjoy the calm and relaxing pace of this game!



I've been working on this on and off for some time, but it was hard to keep to a schedule because of uni. I'm free now and have been looking to finish this project, and it's almost done! I really wanted to share this with the forum, and I'm really proud of what we have managed to accomplish so far! :) I hope everybody looks forward to it, and special thanks goes out to the Flixel API, without which I would not have been able to get nearly as far as I have! Please look forward to it!

games / aBlockalypse (Now)
« on: Sun, Sep 22, 2013 »
My university game dev group held a 24 hour game jam. This game was made in 18 hours.

Title Screen

The authors are Mari (myself!), Emma, and Grace.


Your goal in the game is to dodge the falling blocks. That’s it. As the game progresses, the blocks drop faster and more blocks begin to appear. It may sound simple, but playing it actually pretty addicting.

Music kept playing when the game was paused so we had to go into FlxSound, FlxGame, and FlxG to stop that from happening. The end result still isn't ideal since the song simply resets when you unpause, but it's better than having music play when paused. Also, we wanted a very accurate timer, which we achieved using flash.utils.getTimer() The problem was that the timer would also increment when the game was paused. We had to go into FlxGame in order to get the game to report to us the times when the game was paused and unpaused. Using this, we were able to get a differential for how much time elapsed when paused and we were able to factor this out of the time calculation, which is really cool!

We looked at using FlashPunk at first, but FlashPunk doesn't have as easy an interface for dealing with flipping sprites in spritesheets. Flixel has facing which is really nice.

I'll post the game on Tuesday. Thanks everybody! :)

chat / Re: Introductions
« on: Tue, Aug 27, 2013 »
Hi! I'm Mo. I've lurked here for a while but never made a post until just now.

We've been working on a lil game with Flixel for a few months now and we're really happy the tools existed to build it. We've had some crazy coding hurdles, including one where we had to go into a few Flixel files and make edits in order to get results we wanted, but things have been going smoothly since those dark early days of getting everything set up.

I really enjoy character writing and dialogue. I love having a very diverse cast of characters in every sense of the word: personality, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I guess as a minority myself, it's hard to look at AAA titles and find characters that make me say "Yes, I can relate to this character on so many levels." Usually I feel sympathy for a character but hardly ever can I relate to one.

So I want to make games with character that people can both sympathize and relate with.

That's all about me though, for now at least. Thanks for having me, and I'm glad to be here! :)

games / Starwatcher [WIP]
« on: Tue, Aug 27, 2013 »

Starwatcher is the name of a project I've been working on for a little while now. It's a top-down action/adventure set during the supposed alien invasion of Northern Australia. It's the first time I've ever worked on a game endeavor in a group (as opposed to solo) and we all decided Flixel best served our interests for the development of this project.

There are two playable protagonists: Danny Winter, Australian ranger, and Jovia Beruni, Chemist from Jupiter. Danny fights his way through the game using machetes and grapple hooks. Jovia uses teleportation and laser guns. Levels were designed specifically with this in mind and the two have their own individual stories that eventually tie together and form one full plot.
Note: The health GUI is a placeholder

Here you see Danny in his house. Objects have perspective that allow you to walk partially over them, seen above. Every object can be interacted with. These will lead to a dialogue unique for that character. For example, Danny regards many of his possessions as vital tools in finding aliens. Jovia, the actual alien in this situation, views these items are mocking and offensive.

There is a lot of detail in the sprites and we spent a considerable amount of time on graphics. This is because we wanted the game to have a very lighthearted and happy feel, sort of similar to how I felt when I played EarthBound (easily one of my favorite games) for the first time.

We're not entirely sure when we'll be done, but we're hoping to have it by the end of the year. Progress halted because hard-coding maps sucked, so we came together to make a Python GUI map editor for Flixel. It works reasonably well! We have two map layers in the GUI editor that we can select: floors, walls. However, there is sometimes special layering that occurs for these, so in the actual code we have four map layers. Our map editor identifies which tilesheet we are using and will automatically put the tile in its corresponding layer array correctly.

As an example of this, see below:

To the left is the code. To the right is the GUI map maker, where you just select the tile you want to place a tile on, and then select the tile to place. To the right is what was imported into the game.

I guess the main reason I wanted to make this thread was to let the world know that we are creating this fun little game with Flixel. :) We're really excited about it, and we hope you all are as well!

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