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iOS / Re: flixel + AIR SDK 2.6
« on: Tue, Jun 14, 2011 »
Hey 3WG,

here's what could work within CS5.5 (I used CS5 and had to package the game via commandline):

1. Create a new "AIR for Android" project within CS5.5
2. Make your flixelgame sourcefiles available for the project (i.e. copy your sourcefiles into the project folder or set a new source path)
3. Set your old main class as Document class (do not use the preloader)
4. Open up "Publish Settings -> AIR for Android" and set stuff like aspect ratio, app name, icons, certificates etc. (you can create a self-signed cert. from within CS5.5)
5. Compile/Deploy the game

It could be that flash IDE asks you for the location of the FlexSDK... just set the path then :)

Cheers (hopefully)

iOS / Re: flixel + AIR SDK 2.6
« on: Mon, Jun 13, 2011 »
Hey 3WG,

there are two very good multitouch tutorials from Adobe:

First (by Christian Cantrell)
Second (by Mike Jones)

I used FlashDevelop for progamming and Flash CS5 for packaging.
Here is a little tut about integrating AIR 2.6 into CS5.

Hope this helps :)

iOS / flixel + AIR SDK 2.6
« on: Sun, Jun 12, 2011 »

I packaged an old flixel game (v1.5x) for iOS/Android with the AIR SDK 2.6 and would love to hear how it runs on your devices. You can get the free versions here:

Little Robo Run (iOS)
Little Robo Run (Android)

I mainly just needed to throw in multitouch controls and adjust the screen size. It runs @ 25-30 fps on an iPod 3rd gen. Can't wait for AIR SDK 2.7...

Thanks :)

games / Super Pixelknight [finished]
« on: Sat, Nov 20, 2010 »

after several months of coding, designing and insane "this-****-doesn't-work" screaming, it is finally done...

Some of you may remember the Pixelknight games... well, here is a "super" version of it.
(Click into the thumbnail to give it a try)

Your feedback is much appreciated.


games / Re: Particle Blast (unusual flixel game)
« on: Thu, Nov 4, 2010 »
hi again,

thanks for all the feedback so far. It's been quite a while since I messed around here... but there's a little update:

I ported a version of this game over to the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad using Adobe's iPhone Packager (including additional 15 maps - 30 in total). It's not based on the flixel engine though (due to the lack of fps) and so I had to cut some of the eyecandy effects.

In case anyone is interested:


hey initials,

I love it :D
Just played for >30 mins.

A small suggestion: Some keyboard layouts have the Z and Y keys switched. So maybe you could consider that and make the Y key also available... (Not everyone might be able to switch his keyboard layout quickly or knows about that).

It's also awesome that you made the source available. Hats off!



I recently ran into the same problem... the music wasn't fading in correctly.
I tracked it down to a little typing error in FlxSound:

Code: [Select]
else if(_fadeInTimer > 0)
_fadeInTimer -= FlxG.elapsed;
fade = _fadeInTimer/_fadeOutTotal;
if(fade < 0) fade = 0;
fade = 1 - fade;

Change the _fadeOutTotal to _fadeInTotal and everything should work as intended :)


games / Re: Pixelknight II
« on: Wed, Apr 7, 2010 »
Thanks for the comments so far.

I tried to add an extra challenge by giving the game a mochi scoreboard.
Your score is the price you pay for dying. If you just wanna play through you can do this, because there is no continue limit (like in a lot of old arcade games).

Maybe it wasn't the best idea though :/

games / Pixelknight II
« on: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 »
Hello everyone,

I made a sequel to my first flixel game "Pixelknight". Though it's not a survival game this time ;)
Thanks for all the nice suggestions. Some of them made it into part II.

Any feedback is appreciated, so thank you.
(click into the thumbnail to play in a new window)


games / Robo Run
« on: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 »
Hi folks,

I created another game with this excellent framework named "flixel" (you might have heard of)  ;D

It's a little puzzle platformer with a twist. You have to master the force of gravity to pass through each mind-bending level (at least it's intended to be mind-bending, haha). Click into the thumbnail to play.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks to Rybar for his moving platform example :)


chat / Re: Flixel Neighbors
« on: Sun, Feb 21, 2010 »
Guten Tag :)

I'm from Karlsruhe, Germany.

games / Re: Particle Blast (unusual flixel game)
« on: Sat, Feb 20, 2010 »
Thanks for the feedback, luc.
Glad you like it :)

I'm gonna make a second part with more levels and some more features.
Unfortunately I don't know if there is a proper way to integrate the mochi-score system within flixel without having any "self-defined" mouse-cursor problems.

Any knowledge appreciated :D


games / Particle Blast (unusual flixel game)
« on: Fri, Feb 19, 2010 »
Greetings fellow coders,

I created a flixel-powered minigame during the last few days. It's nothing special beside the abuse of some emitters  ;D

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


games / POD Fighter (not a platformer)
« on: Sat, Feb 13, 2010 »
Hello flixel-artists,

I just released a new project. The main goal was to create a non-platform game with mouse aiming.
This is what it turned out (click into the thumbnail to start playing in a new window):


I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks to PaulGene for the tasty anti-aliasing hint ;D
The Graphics were done by Danc ( Music by Eiswuxe (

Further thanks to Titch and his Mappy Tutorial. Excellent man, it helped me a lot getting started.


games / Re: Space Coffee
« on: Thu, Feb 11, 2010 »
"That's like that drug trip I saw in a movie when I was on that drug trip..."

Simple, fun and I had a good laugh. Nice work dude  ;D
I especially like the coffee-smoke effect.

games / Re: Pixelknight
« on: Thu, Jan 28, 2010 »
Thanks for the great ideas so far. I'm sure I'll consider some of them in the sequel  ;D

Thanks a lot for testing it again. Let's take a look at the code that causes the problem (from SeiferTim's Tutorial). That's a snippet from the Player Class:

Code: [Select]
override public function update():void
                if(finished) exists = false;
            if (_hurt_counter > 0)
                _hurt_counter -= FlxG.elapsed*3;

Fine so far, reducing the counter by FlxG.elapsed * whatever.
Let's switch over to the PlayState:

Code: [Select]
private function EnemyHit(E:Enemy, P:Player):void
            if (P._hurt_counter <= 0) // <-------- PROBLEM
                if (E.x > P.x)
                    P.velocity.x = -100;
                    E.velocity.x = 100;
                    P.velocity.x = 100;
                    E.velocity.x = -100;

Imagine "FlxG.elapsed * 3" gets so big that nearly every frame the hurtCounter is <= 0. The result is that the part after "if (P._hurt_counter <= 0)" is less executed on slower machines.

To fix things up you have to replace "if (P._hurt_counter <= 0)" with "while (P._hurt_counter <= 0)".

After doing that it's also important to change the hurt function of the Player Class:

Code: [Select]
override public function hurt(Damage:Number):void
            _hurt_counter = 1; // (in case of Pixelknight = 80)
            return super.hurt(Damage);


Code: [Select]
override public function hurt(Damage:Number):void
            _hurt_counter += 1; // (in case of Pixelknight += 80)
            return super.hurt(Damage);

so that the counter gets accumulated. You also have to do this for the enemyShotHitsPlayerWhatever function and the enemies. Thanks again to Eiswuxe for pointing this one out to me.

games / Re: Pixelknight
« on: Wed, Jan 27, 2010 »

thanks for the performance test and the nice feedback. I gotta check this out... I'm just a little curious of how that could happen because the "hurtCounter" is decreased by FlxG.elapsed.

Anyway, I think I won't change the balance curve. It's a skill based game and after testing it a lot I managed to get to round 27. The difficulty increases very slowly once you've reached round 20.

EDIT: Thanks to my brother Eiswuxe (Rocket Ninja Cyborg) who maybe figured out the performance issue. It would be very kind of you, Haledire, if you could test the performance on your laptop again. You may need to delete your browser cache. If it works I will post the solution, because the issue is also in SeiferTim's tutorial.

@ Richard
The green pixelknight logo is a flash MovieClip imported from a .swc and added to the stage (not a FlxLayer). I noticed that the "stage.frameRate" is set to 10 in after the game is paused... so I gotta check this.

You wrote "some of the animations"... did you find any other animation that didn't pause?

EDIT: I played around with the stage.frameRate. If It's set to "0" the pause screen isn't showing up. Is there a good solution other than just setting the stage.framerate to "1"? Like adding the MC to a FlxLayer... ?

Thanks for the feedback and help so far.

games / Pixelknight
« on: Tue, Jan 26, 2010 »
Greetings flixeladdicts,  ;D

my first flixel/flan-powered game "Pixelknight" was just released: play

I dug into flixel about 2 weeks ago and I can hardly describe how awesome it is. It is even more powerful combined with Flan. It was a pleasure using this stuff :)

Biggest thanks fly out to adam_atomic for flixel (dude!!) , SeiferTim whose tutorial helped me a lot getting started, nitram_cero... flixel's right hand and forum support god :D (everytime I searched the forums for help, nitram_cero came up with a solution.) and to the rest of the flixel community.

I hope you like the game. Any feedback is appreciated.

knarrenheinz (proud owner of Flan Map Editor license #13 and banana milk addict)

Thanks a lot, Rolpege! Just added this to my project ;D

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