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Game Jolt is going to GDC and we're turning our booth into:

The Game Jolt Alternative Indie Fest

Here's what makes this showcase unique:
  • Only free games. Free games are a HUGE part of indie gaming, but they don't get enough recognition at the big industry events. Let's change that!
  • No entry fee. We want everyone to be able to enter.
  • No outside judges. Participants judge the games. In the end, we tally the votes. Winners are chosen by their peers.
  • No corporate sponsors or publishers. It's FOR indies BY indies.
There are 2 ways you can enter a game for a chance to be at GDC:

1. Submit a Game to #GJFEST
If you released a game during 2015 or early 2016 (and it's free), you can enter it into the Fest.

10 indie developers will be awarded a GDC Expo Pass and a spot to showcase their winning game in the Game Jolt booth.

Details & how to enter:

If you didn't make a game in 2015 or 2016 (or don't want to enter one that you did), you still have a chance to be showcased...

2. Join the Game Jolt GDC Jam Feb 4-7
Make a game in 72 hours for the Game Jolt GDC Jam, which starts on February 4th.

Developers of the top 5 games will get a GDC Expo Pass and time at the Game Jolt booth to show off their jam game.

Details & how to participate :

All the Games!
We'll be showing 60+ free indie games at the Game Jolt booth at GDC! The showcase will include the top 5 #GJGDCJam games and the top 10 #GJFest games, as chosen by the participants in each event, as well as 45 games chosen by Game Jolt staff and some awesome guest curators.

We hope to see you (and your games!) at the Game Jolt Alternative Indie Fest at GDC!


Hey devs, it's Paul Hack (@indiegamehunt) from Game Jolt and we're running another game jam!

You will have 72 hours to make a game with a scoreboard using the Game Jolt API.

PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye will be playing the top 5 games as voted by the community.

Gamers will compete for high scores in the winning games, with the best scores displayed on the jam homepage.

The jam runs from July 17-20 (12:00AM Eastern Time). The theme will be announced when it starts.

Details are on the Indies vs Gamers jam homepage:

You may want to test out API integration now so you don't have to fumble around during the jam:

By looping in gamers as well as devs, we hope to get indie gaming more well known by the gaming community at large. I hope to see a lot of you there =]

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