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help / Best way to customize FlxTileMap
« on: Tue, Sep 7, 2010 »
I want to use the image not only to define the blocks in the map, but also for define enemies.

There is a way to do this using several maps, but I would like to use a single image map to define the walls and the enemies(this make sense, because where there is a wall, can't be an enemy or a powerup).

The idea is use a color(say, black) for the walls, red for the enemies, yellow for the powerups.

All of this, maintaining the smart tile arrangement based in context that has FlxMap today.

Anyone can drop me a line with this?


help / Know the screen position of a sprite?
« on: Sat, Aug 7, 2010 »
How can I know the screen prosition of a FlxSprite? just like the FlxG.mouse.screenX but for sprites.


help / Re: modify the "render" part to use papervision?
« on: Thu, Jul 22, 2010 »
mmm, what I have in mind is:

Make all my "game world" in flixel, but with all the sprites set to visible=false.

In other hand, recreate all the objects in 3d Elements in papervision.

Update the position/state of the 3D Objects based on the flixel object.

I think is possible, but flixel doesn't seems to have the "view" and the "model" separeted.

help / modify the "render" part to use papervision?
« on: Thu, Jul 22, 2010 »
This can sound a little crazy, but I'm wondering how can be modified flixel in order to render 3dObjects instead of 2dPixelart sprites.

I think can be cool make a 2D plataformer like "little big planet" or "bionic comando". Using the keyboards, collision and scenes implementation of flixel.

Anyone can point me in the right direction? Where I should start?


help / Can followMin.y be negative?
« on: Sun, Jul 4, 2010 »
Seems that not. How can I achieve this?


Sorry, my bad, was in the beta branch.

Nope, dev version still have this issue. I'm wondering if I'm the one having this problem.

Still having the same problem. Any ideas?

help / Correct position when overlaps
« on: Sun, Jun 6, 2010 »
Is there a way to correct the collision of two objects when overlaps?

I'm updating the position of an object in the update method, but when collides with the floor doesn't correct it's position.


help / Draw objects in a buffer.
« on: Sun, Jun 6, 2010 »
I'm implementing some objects that collides between them(circular collision) and colides with the world(square collision).

This objects are in a group, but I need to draw them in a buffer, wich will be modified with shaders and filters to, finally, draw into the game world.

How can I achieve this?


In the class FlxTilemap there is sinchronization data in the file (line 805).

<<<<<<< HEAD:org/flixel/
         var w:uint = layout.width;
         var h:uint = layout.height;
         for(r = 0; r < h; r++)
         var w:uint = bitmapData.width;
         var h:uint = bitmapData.height;
         while(r < h)
>>>>>>> dev:org/flixel/

Also, trying to download from home trows a javascript error in IE 8

releases / Re: v2.38 up on dev + beta branches
« on: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 »
Adan, can you make a tutorial for Android? I just can't convert my actionscript projects into Air applications.


help / Re: Flixel in Flash Builder 4?
« on: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 »
Anyone can give more details about how to migrate my flixel project in flex builder 4(actionscript project) to an AIR project?


I overload the FlxKeyboard class and add a public variable called "resetOnStateChange:boolean = false".

Then, I override the reset() function with this:

Code: [Select]
public override function reset():void

that did the trick.

I use states as rooms. The problem is that when I switch rooms, the heyboard is resetted, so, if the player was running, stops running when enters a new room.

That makes necessary to release and press again the key you are pressing(IE. left if you are walking left).

Is there a way to avoid the reset of the keys when switching states? Or save it?


I Fix the problem calling FlxTileMap.follow(). This refresh the world dimensions for the quadtrees

An important thing to say is that the collisions stop working when I back to the room and go to a position that does not exist in the second room.


Room1 width: 1280
Room2 width: 1260

The player goes from Room1 to Room2 and then back to Room1. The collisions fail when the players goes beyond the position 1260 in Room1.

I have rooms separated in states. If I exit a room, the room must remain in the same state if I go back to it. Example: If I kill an enemy, the enemy must stay killed, if an object is destroyed, the object must remain destroyed, I there is a bloodstain in the floor, the get it.

To achieve this, I overwrite the "destroy" method in FLXState class(with an empty function) and create a variable called "alreadyCreated" in order to avoid the recreation of all objects in the state when I back to the room.

The problem is that some thing broke when I back to the room. The followMax and followMin of the FLXG class are changed(different dimensions of the room), but the most annoying is that the collisions are broken. My character does not collides with the terrain and falls endlessly into the void.

What is the best way to achieve persistence of the rooms?


I have a looped sound that doesn't respond to volume changes. So I must call

rainloop.volume = FlxG.volume;

in order to make this object be affected by the volume controls. This is very inefficient way to do that(calling a function in the loop). Will be great if I can listen the event and modify the sound volume only when it changes.


help / Re: avoid easing in camera follow
« on: Sun, May 23, 2010 »
Aye, that did the trick.

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