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games / Re: Rune Hunt [Beta]
« on: Mon, Aug 23, 2010 »
Best of luck getting a sponsorship. The game looks and plays excellently. Got as far as the second butterfly area before I quit (for now). The dynamic lighting/vision cone works brilliantly. Love the way the enemies work. Moody feel to the whole game is just perfect (I get creeped out when I hear the enemy appearing noise...brrr).

One or two minor gripes. The characters walking animation looks a little wacky from the front. His body just doesn't seem to move right. The other thing is I found the second butterfly puzzle pretty frustrating, which is why I quit out. Perhaps I was doing something wrong...

games / Re: Gather Up [Prototype]
« on: Sun, Jun 27, 2010 »
Development on this project pretty much ground to a halt for two reasons

Firstly I have a full time job working as a games designer for a flash games development company, which leaves me feeling not very inspired to go home and code some more.

Secondly the whole thing has been going down a bit of a blind ally for the past 2 weeks of development. Gameplay isn't really fun and it's not really going to do justice as a sequel to Level Up without me scrapping a lot of stuff and re-writing it.

Not dead for good, but on the back burner for a while. I do want to get another game out before the end of this year though.

help / Re: Experience System for RPG
« on: Wed, May 26, 2010 »
I would look at building some kind of simple abstract 'CharacterStats' class for storing all the character stats and experiance, anything you might need to save, because at some point you'll need to start saving data and if everything you need to save is nicely internalized in a single class it would be easier to serialize and more readable than a big array.

Also, it's a good idea to keep all your calculations for stat growth nice and encapsulated for readability purposes. It's tempting to nest everything in one big levelUp() function, but it can make various formula hard to read very quickly. RPG leveling stuff always gets more complicated than you expect.

For the acctual growth rate, I suggest a growth forumula that spits out arrays of 'exp amounts' for each level; rather than generating it as you go along. It saves shuffling some data around or having to recalculate the exp target each time it's shown on the gui.

Code: [Select]
m_exp[$type] += inc_amount * ((m_level[LEARNING] * 0.5) + 0.5);
nextLevel = (m_level[$type]  * m_level[$type] * 0.5) *  1000;

This is what I used for Level Up. inc amounts could vary between 35-75 for 'per tick' gains and 500-750 for per actions gains. m_level[LEARNING] went from 1-5. m_level[$type] was the level of that 'skill' and also varied from 1-5.

it's a pretty simple formula but already is hard to read.

I started a new job at the start of the month, so I've not been overwhelmed with free time. I'll see about getting my event/dialogue manager classes cleaned up and avalible next month somtime.

help / Re: FlxTilemap Slopes
« on: Sat, Feb 6, 2010 »
Thanks DaMaul, I intend to release the code after cleaning it up.

About your question.. I didn't implement ceilings, but that is certainly possible. Only 45 degree slopes were tested, I am trying to implement different angles though! Have a look at darthlupi's FlxSlopeBlock for an implementation of variable angles using FlxBlock.

Just as a curiosity, the slope collision check calls only hitFloor(), as hitWall() stops the horizontal movement of the FlxSprite by default.

This might be a silly question, but is there hitSlope() in your solution?

As klembot said, being able to add or remove acceleration depending on slope camber would be AWESOME.

help / Re: Strafing
« on: Sat, Feb 6, 2010 »
I would assume you need to set some kind of lock angle to the sprite (that means changing the rendering function a bit, not as scary as it sounds) and then setting the angle at +90 or -90 and applying thrust to the sprite.

Alternatively you could look at how thrust is handled and try and add something similar to your update loop for strafing rates.

chat / Re: Flixel Gear
« on: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 »
Just going to bump this again, post game jam.

It would be -awesome- to have a flixel shirt to wear to jams, ect. Cos it would be a fun way for people who are familiar with it to spot each other AND to spread the flixel love a bit.

games / Re: G-Switch
« on: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 »
It's like Canabalt + VVVVVV

Hated some of the later level design where you have to spam switch a lot. Area right before speed pads where you have to jump riiiight at the end of the pad. Got frustratingly punishing.

Multiplayer is surprisingly fun to play solo with two characters and try and keep them both alive yourself.

Well I don't really have the time, but I'll gladly pitch in my window manager and dialogue/event manager systems from Level Up/Gather Up.

help / Re: Kongregate statistic calls frequency
« on: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 »
Send it at the end of the level, but throw in some kind of secruity buffer in case the server connection goes down whilst playing (so highscores get saved out to SharedObject and get re-sent every time you finish/start a leve) in case the player looses the connection whilst playing.

chat / Re: Flixel in HTML5 ?
« on: Wed, Feb 3, 2010 »
I swear, I'm going to poke they eyes out of the next person who theorises X is going to make flash obsolete. It's hyperbolic at best and scaremongering at worst.

Flash fills a fairly specific purpose in the market, it's accessible and has a high install base. The only thing that is going to topple it is if someone creates a design interface that is easier to use, has a lower entry cost OR it becomes harder for users to install the player that lets the access the Flash Player. Just having an alternative isn't enough. You -could- do it in html5, but you already know AS3/Flash.

Linux builds that are 'better' than Windows didn't make windows obsolete for the same reason. It's not about having something better. It's about market penetration.

Besides which, I don't see anything in browser supporting the same level of functionality as AS/Flash does for quite some time. Even longer before you can 'code' something in HTML5 and be sure that everyone (there are still people running IE6) will be able to use it.

chat / Re: Flixel IRC
« on: Tue, Jan 26, 2010 »
<Titch> Also! Wheres my CAKE?!
<@fefranca> rawr :)
<@fefranca> Adam is buying cake once he comes here
<@fefranca> the whole "I can't connect to IRC" story didn't convince us
<PaulGene> cant see him coming in here
<PaulGene> he will get 3000 pm's
<PaulGene> and thats just from fefranca complaining about lack of optimization :P
<@fefranca> haha Paul, I have my pitchfork ready in case Adam comes down from his dark castle to our humble abode :P
<@fefranca> perhaps he just doesn't like cake, unlike the rest of you ;)

I guarantee nothing.

releases / Re: v2.0 Planning Thread
« on: Mon, Jan 25, 2010 »
Why you removed so much things in constructors?? Now after making FlxText i have to do a lot of other initialization

Quoted for truth.

For me the idea would be.

FlxSprite(Graphic:Class = null, Width:int =1,Height:int=1,Colour:unit=0xFFFF0000, Flip:Boolean = true)
 X/Y are fairly pointless as I nearly always use a separate line to set them.

public function FlxText(X:Number, Y:Number, Width:uint,Text:String=null,Size:Number=8,Color:uint=0xffffff)
Perhaps bring alignment back.

It would also be nice if FlxBlock created some kind of defualt graphical fill if you don't parse it a Graphic:Class.

games / Re: Where We Remain
« on: Mon, Jan 25, 2010 »
The good:- Procedurally generate island and how the items helped you get around. It gave each play through a nicely unique flavour. The actual selection of items is good too, nearly everything you pick up (aside from the teleporting thing) feels like a significant find. The only minor grip I have with them is that the MAP and COMPASS seem the wrong way around. Surely the map would tell you where landmarks where and the compass would tell you where you where in relation to them. I think my favourite thing by far was the amount of tension created by Boreas and Notus. The telegraphing of them going from being nearby is enough to turn a tense moment into 'OH **** OH ****!" terror. The fact that you can still outrun them in various ways makes you feel like you have just enough of a chance to not give up and start over. Finally the fact that gathering flowers makes you more of a target is a nice touch, gives a nice auto-balancing element to the game.

The bad:- As Haledire said, the generation needs tweaking. Beginner gave me a silly easy run on my first try. You should at least force the cave with the girl to appear further away. In fact speaking of the different difficulties I hated them in general especially that one of the endings is tied to a difficulty setting, I think perhaps something like having the same map complexity, but changing the starting items with difficulty might be a better solution overall, rather than hiding the depth in a whole separate mode. Whilst letting the game run while you read the signs did create a fun sense of tension it also cut my ability to follow the narrative to almost nothing.


The Ugly:- The alternative endings. The one for not collection flowers was a nice idea, but it was also silly obscure. I don't think I would have worked it out without reading the hints, which isn't very cool. Having the doppelgänger in expert broadcasts the existence of the other alternate ending, but I still couldn't make sense of it from a narrative point of view. Why would I -want- to do that aside from seeing the other ending. Occasionally I had a few cheap deaths where I ran into dead ends, and started to wonder, why no item to show you the physical landscape (as in which areas are blocked or not). On a personal note, it would be nice to see at least one cheery ending. Even the good ending is marred by the girl asking you to have brought more flowers. Perhaps I'm missing the message of the game though :(


help / Re: bad guys that don't walk off cliffs
« on: Sat, Jan 23, 2010 »
Check if the adjacent tiles (1,1) and (-1,1) are collidable.  If not, set him to walk the other way.

You could probably use something like this:
Code: [Select]
var tile:uint = tileMap.getTile(Math.floor(x / 16) + 1, Math.floor(y / 16) + 1); // 16 is the width and height of the tiles
if (tile > tileMap.collideIndex) // Best to use .collideIndex so you don't have to manually set it if you ever change it
{ // Make him go the other way
Then repeat, changing the +1 in the X coordinate for getTile() to a -1.

Hope that helps.  I'm sure other people will have other solutions, too... some might be better than this. :)

int () is the new Math.floor(). Also unless you are using Flash 10, ints are faster an uints. SO:

var tile:int = tileMap.getTile(int(x / 16) + 1, int(y / 16) + 1);

Would be faster. [/optimisation rant]

games / TIGJam Games 'Tearbringer' and 'Kitten Hunt'
« on: Fri, Jan 22, 2010 »
Arrow Keys - Move a kitten
Mouse - Click on a kitten

Only click the kitten you can control to send it to heaven, otherwise it goes to hell.

Theme: Kittens, Hunting, Games that are longer than an hour.
Jam Time: 60 Minutes
Team: Just me. I got the music from Waterflames NG Audio portal.
Prettyfying Time: 120 Minutes (added tiles, better kitten graphics, hud, death animations, title screen)
Source Code
Arrow Keys - Move and Jump

Jump on the little girls heads and make the world miserable. Chain hits together for greater effect.

Theme: Sunshine, Energy and Bubbles
Jam Time: 180 minutes
Team: Myself, Perrin (level design) and Terry (sound)
Prettyfying Time: 120 Minutes (added background effects, combo meter, main character animations and improved hud).
Source Code

Everything was written in Flixel 1.25. All the graphical/code resources are open source and free for anyone to use for any purpose.

I don't do a state change. Everything in the state is a layer, when I move to a new area/level I kill all the layers in the state, re-draw the level and re-init the layers. Persistant information is stored on the Player object or similar; which I only init at the start of the game and then never again.

games / Re: Gather Up [Prototype]
« on: Sun, Jan 10, 2010 »
Ehn, don't sweat the glitches right now. Once I'm in Beta non game breaking glitches are something I'll worry about.

games / Re: Gather Up [Prototype]
« on: Sat, Jan 9, 2010 »
On your prototype of Gather Up! you have one of the big glitches from Level Up!, the game will not play for some people, I don't know if you are going to leave the prototype like that and edit that in the actual game but it may be a problem.

That isn't a glitch in MY code. It's a glitch in the code of various Ad Blockers (Privoxy and Kerpasky). I did spend time researching a solution, and failed to find one beyond telling peope to switch their ad blockers off, which is dangerous (for idiots) and self serving for me. Right now what concerns me more about the poor souls unable to play my game is the number of messages I get about it not working.

I did spend some time trying to figure it out, but
a) I'm not smart enough. I'm a designer, not a hotshot coder. If I knew how ad blockers ****ed up my flash I wouldn't be using Flixel to build games with.
b) I'm not about to install psychotic ad blocking software on my computer just to work out what it's problem with my game is when everything else does a fine job of not loading adverts without neuturing the whole god danm application.

Quote from: lithander
When performance issues start to affect your gameplay decisions it's probably time to optimize

I try to consider all the limiting factors about a gameplay decision because it helps keep a game in scope. Probably a few awesome ideas that could have been the next big thing died in premature death because in prototype they ran too slowly (although mostly it's because they wheren't any fun). The belife that you can add something if you optimise enough can lead to weeks of coding limbo down the line where you try and find those optimisation fixes to make everything run smoothly, or have to keep modifying some complex optimisation system you built to 'fit' with the changing shape of the game.

It's not very romantic or fun cutting things you know would improve the game because the cost to benifite ratio is too high for it to be worthwhile, but in my mind thats the nature of the beast. I've got ideas about how to make contiuos targeting cost less. If I have time left closer to my deadline and when I have more thing implimented and know more about the scope of the system I need to add, I might do it. Right now though, I'll take what works, most people don't mind having a targeting button.

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