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help / Re: FlxBlock initialization question
« on: Sun, Jun 7, 2009 »
yeah it has to be embedded, not an instantiated sprite

help / Re: FlxSprite physics and zoom
« on: Sun, Jun 7, 2009 »
Top down is no problem, just don't set Y acceleration and you won't have gravity :). As far as zooming, that's gonna require some extra specialcode on your part

chat / Re: documentation search
« on: Sun, Jun 7, 2009 »
Hey!   Ivans working on a search function but I don't have an eta on that or anthing

help / Re: Hello world in Flixel?
« on: Sun, Jun 7, 2009 »
Make sure that inthe filetree you have a file from your project selected

Yea that's the error you SHOULD be getting in debug mode, where you can click on it in the problems tab.  Make sure you've selected a file inside the Mode project somewhere, otherwise debug mode can act weird

Thanks dude!  I added it to the official help thread :D

The only place I've found to call that recreate command is by right clicking the actual error in the problems pane.  But its not just a single HTML file that you need, the template directory that it generates has like defaults SWFs and javascript files and crap, its annoyingly bulky (otherwise I definitely would have included it)

I haven't used Aptana, just the Flex Builder plugin (I just realized that Flex Builder is not in the thread title at all).  My guess is maybe like in Flash Develop you may have to designate "" as the thing to compile, in strict Actionscript terms the "document class" I guess?  Flex Builder will generate the HTML files that you need to preview the SWF, I dunno if Aptana does that or not?

I will fix the thread title now too :)

Awesome!  I will have to add somewhere links to the Flex SDK I think, I wasn't aware that it wasn't really included with FlashDevelop (i.e. I did not even think about it :P )

games / Re: FATHOM
« on: Sat, Jun 6, 2009 »
Studio Pixel is just one wonderful man, Daisuke Amaya, but I had Cave Story on the mind as I recently finished all of the hi-res environment art for the Wii port ;)

help / Re: Good for vector graphic game ?
« on: Sat, Jun 6, 2009 »
Ummm the answer is.... Sort of.  A lot of the performance benefits are dependent on NOT using the vector renderer, because it is very very slow :). You can layer vector stuff on top if you want too though, flixel won't stop you!

EDIT - fixed spelling, was replying from my mobile earlier!  Also, additional notes:

If you want to see the difference between the vector renderer and the blitter, try creating a FlxEmitter with a whole bucket of particles, maybe 5000 or so.  First run it with MinRotation and MaxRotation set to zero; on a decent machine you should get maybe 20-30fps.  THEN set MinRotation to maybe -360, and MaxRotation to 360.  The framerate should drop to 5 or so!  This is because to render rotated sprites Flixel opts out to the vector renderer.

SO...just a heads up.  In my own tests switching from blitter to vector renderer is about an order of magnitude slower!

help / Re: License explanation
« on: Sat, Jun 6, 2009 »
My understanding is you only need to include the license if you are distributing the source, otherwise you are free to do what you wish :)

releases / Re: nitpicks...
« on: Sat, Jun 6, 2009 »
Hey John thanks for the checkup!

Double Buffering - Ok this actually doesn't surprise me because I get tearing and stuff even though I've "manually" double-buffered it, I am definitely happy to tear that stuff out...

Defining virtual - Noted, I do think its useful though just for my own personal organization

Alive vs Dead - Yea the only reason I went with "dead" is its very useful way of checking if you've killed off an entity but want to continue to animate it or leave the corpse in the level.  Really "Alive" is the more problematic of the variable names, as it is merely a toggle for whether or not the update() function should be called by the game loop at all.  It'd probably be a relatively simple change but I'm not sure what would be a better name for it yet!

scrollfactor - ah **** yea that needs to be defined as a point (it USED to be a number :P )

getters - I am totally freaked out by setters and getters :P  There are a few places in the code that should be setters and getters though (See the volume controls for the sound subsystem in FlxG for much worse example than flickering and onscreen :D ) so I'll try and get those into the next public too

SingleFrame - aarrgghh Flash man.  I tell you what.  So...when you pass flash arrays a single parameter in their constructor, it does not create an array with a single parameter (if it is numbers).  E.g. [4] would create an array with 4 empty slots, not an array with just he number 4 in it.  Not sure about the best way to handle this weirdness still.  Ideally you could pass it a FlxArray but I can't figure out how to make a constructor for FlxArray that takes sort of infinite parameters (because I could then define FlxArray to NOT create a bunch of empties)

FrameRate - woops I should fix that!

loopmusic - yea i hate it.  has to do with the way the position parameter interacts with the loop parameter of the function.  If you pass a starting position AND a number of loops (like 10000 or whatever) it performs each loop from the same starting position.  it's so F'ing retarded.

internal - YES i totally need to do that, had no idea it existed

empty/nonexist/etc - Yeah I'm not sure if the terminology and array functionality here is completely ideal.  Some of this is left over from when I was actually deleting things and checking for null, instead of using a FlxCore with a "exists" flag inside these big automated loops.  I am not sure what the best variable names are yet either, but I think 'exists' is pretty much not THAT bad...but some of the array stuff doesn't make much sense anymore.

The other stuff looks right but I have to run!  anyways thanks for all the feedback :D

(by looks right i mean you are right not flixel :D  )

chat / Re: RSS Feed
« on: Fri, Jun 5, 2009 »
I was chatting with the guy that made nanodoc and I think you may be able to just append this:


To the end of any URL of any particular page or board on the forum, and get a feed for it.  So maybe later I will put up like a locked news thread, and a RSS-ified link to it?

chat / Re: RSS Feed
« on: Fri, Jun 5, 2009 »
There isn't yet, I'm not sure how much 'news' there will be usually.  I think SMF implicitly supports RSS for different boards maybe?  Or maybe that's an extension I need to get...  I will probably only be able to do a couple public releases per year though, so I think most flixel-related news will probalby just be stuff that comes up here in the community.

Sounds like it's having trouble finding the FlxState base class, but not sure why...could be the way paths work in parallels?  No idea yet

chat / Re: flixel status report
« on: Fri, Jun 5, 2009 »
Ok it's out :)

NOTE: This tutorial does not explain how to learn or use Actionscript, or even what Flixel is!  If you want to know more about these things or other topics, please check out the general help thread.  Thanks!

Ok!  So you have and enjoy using Eclipse, you've downloaded the flixel zip file, what now?  It's really really easy:

Step 1: Unzip the file into a folder

Step 2: Select File->Import.  It should pop up something like this:

Just hit continue or whatever!

Step 3: Select the flixel_v1.0 folder that was created when you unzipped the file, and hit Next or whatever.  Now you should have the 'mode' project open and available in your workspace!

You may get an error that you need to "recreate HTML templates" or something lame like that.  Just right click on the error and select the correct option, and you should be all set!

Finally, my apologies if this tutorial is a bit rushed at this time but I think it may help some people still!

chat / Re: flixel status report
« on: Thu, Jun 4, 2009 »
Code commenting is about 80% complete, just wrapping that up and putting the finishing touches on 'mode', everything should be up in a few hours.  Proper online API documentation should be ready by sometime this weekend too!

chat / flixel status report
« on: Thu, Jun 4, 2009 »
Hey!  I thought since there were people sneaking in here already that I should probably post up something about where the release is at currently:

- 100% code complete
- Partially commented
- Completely undocumented

mode (the source-included demo game)
- 100% code complete
- Partially commented
- Waiting on a couple MP3s

When I get back from climbing I'm going to go through and get everything commented, so as soon as I get the MP3s for mode I can at least get the release itself uploaded.  The online documentation is going to be very thorough, and generated Doxygen-style from the code comments, but it may not go online until later this weekend, due to some regex complications.

As of right now I am not planning to put together any extensive tutorials myself, but if you are interested in putting together a simple tutorial sometime after the release let me know, and I may be able to be available by IM or Email to help with any speedbumps.  Tutorials that would be great to start with:

1 - Importing the sample game code into Eclipse and running it
2 - Importing the sample game code into FlashDevelop and running it
3 - Creating a simple 'hello world' app in Eclipse
4 - Creating a simple 'hello world' app in FlashDevelop

Other tutorials about collision or creating interesting combinations of sprite objects will be wonderful and should apply generally to any of the various development setups; it's the basic project creation that I think will be the main barrier to people messing about with this stuff.


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