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releases / Re: Flixel ported to Unity
« on: Sun, Mar 14, 2010 »
I seriously think that flixel is one of the best things ever happened in my life now.   :-*  I'm going to learn Unity too so this is incredibly great news <3

releases / Re: Flixel Iphone
« on: Thu, Mar 11, 2010 »
This is amazingly good news! Thank you so much to everyone who's involved in this!

games / Re: [Facebook Game] 60 Seconds
« on: Mon, Feb 15, 2010 »
Still writing! But now works got in the way :(

The draft is here at my blog

I set it password protected because it isn't finished yet, but if you want to take a look at it the password is 'test' :)

I'll have more free time on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to write it more then :D Sorry if this take so long!

Anyway, I've also posted the resources for getting started with Flash Facebook app here >

Hope that helps!

releases / Re: Flixel on Android
« on: Wed, Feb 10, 2010 »
Yes, it's the emulator. I've heard that the fastest is 5 fps :S  Google really need to find a way to make the emulator run faster or else we'd have to get ourselves an android phone.

So this new switchState will allow us to go back to the old state instead of creating a new one everytime?  Great! :D

help / Developing game for facebook resources
« on: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 »
Hello everyone. I have promised that I will finish a tutorial of how to integrate facebook highscore into flixel game. However, due to the amount of work this week, I could only finish the first few part which isn't much, to be honest. :(   So, I decided to post all the links I have found during the research so that it might give you something to start with.


I'll try to finish writing about my experience as soon as possible. Briefly, it isn't much about facebook as it's about SQL and php. The references above should help you to start with getting the user's friend user id. You can then use those user ids as a key to store the userdata into your database on your server through php and sql.

help / Re: Pixel PostFX
« on: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 »
Looks totally rad! I'd love to see more image effect tutorial like this now that we have pre and postProcess method for flixel :D

games / Re: [Facebook Game] 60 Seconds
« on: Fri, Jan 29, 2010 »
Sure! I'm actually working on that. Should be finished somewhere around next week :)

help / Re: Car Mouvement ? How To
« on: Sat, Jan 23, 2010 »
I'm struggling with overriding FlxSprite to get Mode7 to work. :( 

The code that I'm learning from is here

While it's looking great, unfortunately it doesn't seems to work with flixel directly. The fact that it is uncommented doesn't help either. If anybody can help I'd really appreciate it!

releases / Re: Flixel on Android
« on: Thu, Jan 21, 2010 »
This is nice. Flixel port is growing like crazy! XNA, SilverLight, Android, and I wonder what's next on the list :D

games / Re: [Facebook Game] 60 Seconds
« on: Thu, Jan 21, 2010 »
Richard Kain, thank you SO MUCH! That was a brilliant tutorial! I'll try implement this today and see if there's any problem or is something missing. :D

EDIT : Actually, I've just realized I have asked this question on the help section before giving up and went with the DisplayObject instead of FlxSprite. Maybe it's better if you copy your reply here and post it in the topic below. :)

games / Re: [Facebook Game] 60 Seconds
« on: Tue, Jan 19, 2010 »
Logging in first worked, cool game :)
Ok so the problem should be my first page php X(  But I have tried going to that url without logging in and it works fine. Does this happen to anyone else?

Anyway, I have added a global highscore. Should I have a separate list between weekly, monthly and all time highscore?

One problem I found right now is that the profile picture from facebook has to be external loading. I loaded it using Loader class and add it as a child object for the stage. But doing it this way cause it to be on top of the flixel screen. Thus, everything render by flixel is on the back of these profile pictures. If there's a better way to do this then I'd love to know too.

Right I'm working on fullscreen option. I'm sure some people prefer playing shmup fullscreen :)

games / Re: [Facebook Game] 60 Seconds
« on: Tue, Jan 19, 2010 »
Hi hima, 60 seconds looks fun and polished. I think the game needs to allow for a bit more skill.. there are certain times where it becomes 100% luck.

Ranking seems to work fine, even shows my scary profile picture there. I'm enjoying my first position on the ranking for now (before anyone else plays it :D)

Oh, love the ellipse / explosion effects :)

Thanks! Yeah, many people complain about the too much luck issue. I'll try a fix pattern of waves as well as maybe adding an extra boss for those who get to a certain amount of score. :D

I'm at work at the moment, so I can't log-in to Facebook. I will definitely give this a try when I get home.

Question, how difficult is it to integrate Flash, and in particular Flixel, into the Facebook API? I have been thinking about developing a certain type of game, and was considering the various platforms that I should target. It occured to me that Facebook would probably be one of the very best platforms for this game. I've begun investigating the process, but hearing about the experiences of someone who has already gone through the process would be invaluable.
Well, tutorials on flash game on facebook with ActionScript3 API is very limited at this moment so it might be hard to get start. I've found two or three so far. You can start from here.

Once you know where to start, it isn't that difficult to go on from there. Basically you need to know how to contact between Flash, PHP and MySQL. If you know all these, then it'll be really as easy as learning which facebook function does what you want. Unfortunately, I hate internet programming and never really interested in neither PHP no MySQL so it was uncomfortable for me lol. Debugging is probably the worse part of all, since you have to upload it to facebook and debug from there. Flixel log really helps here, as well as other logging technique if you think FlxLog doesn't do the job.

I wonder if there are other developers who have done this and would like to share their experiences too, since it is now like a voodoo magic that nobody wants to talk about. I'll make a thread in chat and telling more about my experience once I really finish this game ( global ranking, publish post etc. )

One thing I can tell you is I find separating your game into two swf helps a lot and I should have done that. One for your game, another one for leaderboard. You can send messages from one swf to another.

Awesome game! Looks very well.

It cost me to know that they're only my friends scores, but I'm happy because I'm first! I'm waiting for those global scores =D.

I'll get it done ASAP :)

I can't get it to load, just keeps refreshing the page for me.
I'm so sorry about this. Could you please try logging in to your facebook account first then click the game link? Please tell me how this work for you so I can narrow down the problem. Thanks!

games / [Facebook Game] 60 Seconds
« on: Mon, Jan 18, 2010 »
My first attempt to make a flash game integrating facebook api for leaderboard and stuffs.

The game is a your basic bullet hell shmup game. You have to survive for 60 seconds while trying to get as many points as possible. The enemy waves are procedural generated, and will get more and more difficult as time pass. Going up higher on the screen will give you more multiplier. You can also enter slow mode for precise movement by holding left shift, but that will halve down your current multiplier.

This is still beta though. I have yet to implement global ranking and a proper post publish since right now it doesn't look too good. ( I might make just a button for you to click instead. ) Also, I'm thinking about adding MochiAds but with the new flixel I have no idea where to put it. Have to experiment again, I guess.

Anyway, happy gaming! New flixel rocks! The game plays very smoothly on my computer, and I hope it's the same for you guys!

help / Re: How to actually destroy an object in flixel?
« on: Sun, Jan 17, 2010 »
Yeah that's what I did. But somehow it gives me error and doesn't really do what I want :S Maybe it's the reusing the enemy part that broke it. I'll give it a try again next game and see if it work out for me.

help / Re: How to actually destroy an object in flixel?
« on: Sun, Jan 17, 2010 »
Thank you everyone! I'm now reusing everything using a very classic way with array set/unset flag. It works pretty well, though I'm sure it's because the game is small. With bigger game, I'd have to look for a better and more scalable way. I'm thinking about some sort of resource pool design pattern. May have to look into that.

Also, thanks for the info, eddietree! I didn't know about that before. That means the garbage collection would never kick those garbage out unless we change the state then.

fefranca, I've tried removing them directly from FlxLayer but it gets really messy since FlxLayer.childern() returns a normal array, which , unlike ArrayList, doesn't have a function that allow you to remove an item at a specific position.

Hello all,
 I'm wondering if there's a way to load an image from a url and use it with the FlxSprite class? Or is there any other way to do this with flixel or integrate it with flixel?  I look at the tutorials on the website and it suggest using loader or movieclip, but I don't know how to properly put those into flixel framework.

 Any help would be greatly appreciate, as this is the last part of my game X(  In case this information might help, I'm experimenting with actionscript facebook api and I've managed to get the player friend's profile picture url now. I want to display those in the highscore scene, and then I faced this problem :(

Thank you in advance!

help / How to actually destroy an object in flixel?
« on: Tue, Jan 5, 2010 »
I was wondering how should I really destroy an object of a FlxCore or FlxSprite from the game? There are many things such as kill, destroy, active and exists, which seems to do the similar stuffs. But which one should I really choose?

I'm also wondering how to show a console screen using flixel 1.4? I know that in previous version we can call it by pressing 1, but what about the new version?

Thank you in advance!

help / Re: FlxSprite with autogenerated rotation sheet
« on: Wed, Nov 25, 2009 »
Very very nice. I remembered did this once when I first made my flash game with flex and get a good performance boost out of it. Haven't had time to port it to flixel but seems like I don't have to do that anymore! Thanks a bunch :)

games / Re: Level Up![FINISHED]
« on: Wed, Nov 25, 2009 »
Congratulations! Now, please hurry and release the sequence   ;D

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