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help / Re: How does flixel deal with timing?
« on: Sat, Aug 21, 2010 »
this issue causes me some major issues, too.
not in the flixel libraries themselves, but when implementing my own timers.
so, how was this resolved directly in the libraries?  is it the way the if condition and while loop are implemented in this code?

Code: [Select]
//@desc Called automatically by the game loop, decides when to launch particles and when to "die"
override public function update():void
_timer += FlxG.elapsed;
if(delay < 0)
if(_timer > -delay) { kill(); return; }
if(_sprites[0].exists) return;
var sl:uint = _sprites.length;
for(var i:uint = 0; i < sl; i++) emit();
while(_timer > delay)
_timer -= delay;

if that's the case, then i be :D -- this means i can simply rip off what you've done here to solve my woes.

btw -- this issue doesn't only affect cross-browser play; it also rears its head when the flash player's native "zoom" feature is used, or when you change the render scale of the .swf in the flixel startup code.

edit edit
n'ermind!  that code i pasted has absolutely nothing to do with this functionality at all.  sorry 'bout that :-[
i do believe that i've finally figured out what my issue is, though.

help / Re: Using Box2D in flixel [Tutorial]
« on: Mon, Aug 2, 2010 »
solid tutorial.  high5.  i got everything working up to this point:

Getting the world to run

The only problem right now is that nothing moves. That's because we need to tell Box2D to update the world when Flixel runs its update.[/s]

Code: [Select]
override public function update():void
    _world.Step(FlxG.elapsed, 10, 10);

If you run the game, you should get a cube falling on a platform and bouncing.

but i'm scratching my head now...

i assume that you mean to insert that update override in what you call the "PlayState"?  if that's the case, then i'm not getting any results.  my beautiful cube doesn't fall/move/do anything.  is that update override not intended for the "PlayState"?

problem soooooooooolved.  not your fault at all, good sir phmongeau.

tapping in to this will make me happy - but, pardon my ignorance, where exactly do we place this code?

good shot, Merve - much appreciated!  works marvelously.

one thing i'm still stumped on, though:
how might i save multiple datum - a separate score for each different level in a game, for example?
(without having to create and do a case check for umpteen individual variables...)

is there some way to build and write/access an array with this method?

You can do PCM in AS3, but you'll have to implement this library: [ Check out the main website/blog for tutorial ]
Then, instead of triggering individual sounds, you'll mix the tracks and then play the mixed track as a sound.

any hints on how to find this main site/blog and tutorial?  i've sniffed around a good bit and the only thing i can find is a bunch of pages written in asian text.  or, is that all there is (no english)?

chat / Re: Introductions
« on: Fri, Jun 5, 2009 »
some call me CosMind, some call me Justin.  i call me crazy.  i work a day job as creative director of an independent commercial video games studio in austin, tejas; but, moonlight as a lonesome game (both video and non-video) designer and developer.  i recently released my very first independent game, Glum Buster.  now i'm diving back into prototyping and tinkering with various projects that have bubbled into my brain over the past handful of years.  flixel has me jazzed, and i'm going to do my best to learn myself the ropes - i really feel that creating software with the framework is going to have a wealth of benefits.

(the hair's old)

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