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chat / Re:
« on: Sat, Oct 2, 2010 »
My game seemed to have made it up there without me ever submitting it.
It's called Picking Up Chicks is Hard When Your Car is a BMX.

Since it's licensed via Creative Commons I can't really complain, but how do I upload a new version?

help / Re: Generating endless levels a la Canabalt?
« on: Thu, Sep 30, 2010 »
I was new to Flixel only a few weeks ago, although an Actionscript mid-weight, and I managed to get a similar game up and running pretty quick.

Firstly, see the making of Canabalt post here:

Secondly, see my game and source code here:

I ran into quite a few problems, and not being a Flixel pro, I don't know if my solution was the best one.

For instance, if you continue running right, once you move outside the play area all collisions seem to no longer take effect. I solved this problem by pinning the x value of my player to 50 and moving the world through the scene.

If your player is on a moving platform, the player seems to inherit the platforms velocity. So moving the level through the screen meant the player would be moving backward. At first I solved this by giving the player the reverse velocity of the platform, but I think pinning the x value did the trick.

Good luck.

Definitely sounds fun and interesting.

If you manage to pass a tilt value to Flixel, please let me know, I'd love to know if it's possible.

I had a similar problem and it was solved in this thread:

help / Re: A tip, placing sprites based on a CSV file.
« on: Wed, Sep 29, 2010 »
This is fantastic game!

help / Re: Adding SWF files to Flixel
« on: Wed, Sep 29, 2010 »
If you look at the loadGraphic command, you'll see the 4th and 5th parameters are for the size of each sprite.

loadGraphic(YourImg, true, false, 40,100);

loadGraphic(Graphic:Class, Animated:Boolean = false, Reverse:Boolean = false, Width:uint = 0, Height:uint = 0, Unique:Boolean = false):FlxSprite
Load an image from an embedded graphic file.

I haven't tried making sprites in grids, but that's how it's done on the Mode demo so it should work.

help / Re: Adding SWF files to Flixel
« on: Wed, Sep 29, 2010 »
60 frames would take a while to lay out into a sprite sheet.

I don't know of any tutorials, but try Google, and also download Mode, or FlxInvaders, or BMX ( and have a look how they do it.

help / Re: Adding SWF files to Flixel
« on: Tue, Sep 28, 2010 »
I don't know if this is possible. It may be possible, but there is a way that works for sure, it just may require a little extra work up front.

The best way to animate characters is using a sprite sheet. Mode has a great example of it, and also you could check out my BMX game which comes with source code and artwork

Once you have a sprite sheet, which is essentially each frame of animation lined up next to each other, save it as a png file. One tip, seems to work better if each frame is square. Although I may just be overlooking a parameter somewhere.

The best way is to set your player up as a class. Again, see the demos to see exactly how to do that.

The following lines are what you will be interested in doing.

//embed the graphic, make sure the file is in the src folder
Code: [Select]
[Embed(source="bike.png")] private var ImgBike:Class;

// load the graphic
loadGraphic(ImgBike, true, false, 20);

//set up animations
addAnimation("idle", [0,1,2], 2);
addAnimation("pedal", [1, 2, 0], 12);
addAnimation("superman", [3], 12);
addAnimation("seatgrab", [5], 12);
addAnimation("tabletop", [4], 12);

To play any of those animations, just call play("YOUR_ANIMATION"), for example

Code: [Select]
if (trick == "") {
if (onFloor) {
this.velocity.x = -coinVel;
else {
this.velocity.x = 0;

Hope this helps.

GlovePie was quite easy to set up, and that was a few years ago.

You need GlovePie, BlueSoleil (or similar bluetooth software), and a bluetooth connection or dongle.
I was using it for midi, so I was using Midiyoke.

It was quite easy to map a button on the wiimote to a key on the keyboard.
However, I don't know about passing a value from the tilt value to Flash/Flex/Air.

I would like to do a similar thing with the analog sticks on a controller (like the ps2 controllers) so I could have a control system similar to Geometry Wars.

One problem you may have is that there are a few installs and custom scripts (in glovepie) to do before you can start playing, so you'd limit your audience.

help / Re: A tip, placing sprites based on a CSV file.
« on: Tue, Sep 28, 2010 »
This is quite interesting.
Has the game it is for been released on the internet?
I'd love to see the game/compare the code.

help / Re: A tip, placing sprites based on a CSV file.
« on: Tue, Sep 28, 2010 »
The way I do it is create a Photoshop file with different layers.

One is the level, one is the enemies, one is the ramps (in my case), one is for coins.

I used a custom exporter, which I can find for you or Google it, to export each layer to a separate PNG file.

I load the level as usual for an image, then load the items, but with the items, you need to swap out the tile for a sprite, then kill the tile.

I find making a black and white image much easier than creating a text document.
Although you need to remember which layer you're on when plotting each thing. Sometimes you can end up with a multitude of coins, when you thought you were add level blocks.

The code is all in my open source game here: but if you need more info let me know.

If you are using Flash CS3 Professional, I wrote a post about how I used to do it here:

This is great, I'm going to try this with the latest version of Flixel, and see how it goes!

help / Re: Score flxTex/ problem
« on: Sat, Sep 25, 2010 »
If you call FlxText the third parameter is the width.

For example:
FlxText(10,10,200,"Example Text");

This will set it's X,Y to 10,10 and it's width to 200. This should mean it will go across 200 pixels before it goes down to the next line, without making the size any different.

Getting De Monster Debugger working was super easy!
I really doubt anyone will need a tutorial, just remember to export client class from Monster Debugger into your src folder and that's the hardest part.

The only thing I can't do is turn off pause in Flixel. When I go to the Debugger, it pauses Flixel. I'm sure I'll find the off button for pausing if I dig around the manual.

help / Re: Health truble
« on: Fri, Sep 24, 2010 »
To make an enemy die when it touches the ground, you'll need to override the enemy's hitBottom method.

Code: [Select]
override public function hitBottom(Contact:FlxObject,Velocity:Number):void {


Code: [Select]
override public function hitBottom(Contact:FlxObject,Velocity:Number):void {
this.hurt(50); //50 or any value you want
return super.hitBottom(Contact, Velocity);


I'd love to see the code you have for scrolling the tilemap.

Well the full source is available on the website.

Here's the part that scrolls the level. The level scrolls rather than the player.

It was a bit tricky to get it to work because when the level is moving, and you are on the level, you inherit the movement of the level.
I had to pin the player at x=50, as well as give him the reverse velocity value of the level when on the ground.

The code is not clean at all, so you may need to dig around. It was more an experiment in how to use Flixel.

Code: [Select]
level.velocity.x = speed;
if (level.x < -level.width+320) {
level.x = 0;
rampsGrp.reset(0, 0) ;
bounceTilesGrp.reset(0, 0) ;
if (b2.x < -b2.width + 320) { //background layer 2
b2.x = 0;
if (b1.x < -b1.width + 320) { //background layer 1
b1.x = 0;


Picking Up Chicks is Hard When Your Car is a BMX is a new game using the Flixel framework.

Since Flixel has done the community a huge favor and open sourced the entire library, I am also open sourcing everything I make using it. The source code can be found as a link on the website.

I'd really like to become more of an active member here, so if there is anything here you have questions about, or like to use in your game, please ask.

I'm really interested in getting some quality feedback. Anything you think would make this game more fun. Please let me know.

help / Re: Source code of games
« on: Wed, Sep 22, 2010 »

You're in luck.
I have just released a game called Picking Up Girls Is Hard When Your Car Is A BMX.

The link is here

On the web page there is a download link to the source.

It should be almost exactly what you are looking for since it's a Canabalt clone, but on a bmx.

games / Re: Game Jam Game
« on: Tue, Sep 21, 2010 »
I like the graphics and I really like the minimal gameplay.
Good work.

help / Re: A good pixel software for animations
« on: Tue, Sep 21, 2010 »
I used Photoshop CS5 at work the other day and when you zoom in you get the pixels divided up, which is a nice feature for pixel art. Although, Photoshop is expensive.

Gimp is free but I've never used it.

GraphicsGale looks nice! I'm going to try it out.

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