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help / How to site-lock a game? flixel vers 2.43
« on: Fri, May 13, 2011 »
I read this :
It seems that flixel has a build in feature that allows site lock
So where I should put Myyrl="" so that my game will load only on
If i load the game on othe domain what will happen? Will not load at all or will show a text over the game.

games / Just Another Platformer
« on: Thu, May 12, 2011 »
I just finished my first flixel game.
Game Description
 Classic platformer game: 3 levels of difficulty, ability to duck,  do controlled jumps, shoot, 7 enemy types, checkpoints, keys to open doors, pushable objects, a build in puzzle + a great story

The game full potential is on Hard, it took me over 2 hours to complete when I first played it.
However you should play on easy or normal to discover first how to solve the build in puzzle.
Game trailer

The game is on Flash Game Licence seeking a sponsor.

Check out the trailer, and wait for the release.

How can I figured out how many samples did a mp3 have?
I didn't find any program that can do that

help / Re: kongregate preloader in flixel
« on: Wed, May 4, 2011 »

The solution that works !!
It was so easy.

help / kongregate preloader in flixel
« on: Wed, May 4, 2011 »
I am trying to integrate the preloader of Kongregate(a swf file) to my game:
I tried the solution  at :

No success.
It should be so easy.
If I try to make another class to integrate an embed swf file for the kongregate swf I get error transcoding file.
Can anyone help me?

help / Re: DAME - a new map editor made using flixel!
« on: Fri, Apr 1, 2011 »
Thank you for the answer.
1.I was weird for me why the flashpunk demo has that collision code implemented and flixel does not. Maybe in a future release you will add it to flixel too.
2. I think the purpose of closed shape is to have a continuosly moving of the platform, not back and forward.
I modified the code  in, and it works:
3 lines modified path.childAttachNode -= 4; //direction;// total number of attachet nodes
                  path.childAttachT =0 //1;//
                  direction =1 //-1;

Code: [Select]
path.childAttachT += FlxG.elapsed * direction * speed;
if ( path.childAttachT < 0 || path.childAttachT > 1 )
path.childAttachNode += direction;
if ( path.childAttachNode >= path.nodes.length - 1 )
path.childAttachNode -= 4; //direction;// total number of attachet nodes
path.childAttachT =0 //1;//
direction =1 //-1;
else if ( path.childAttachNode < 0 )

help / Re: DAME - a new map editor made using flixel!
« on: Thu, Mar 31, 2011 »
I have 2 problems with dame:
1.In flashpunk demo the player does not fall out of moving platform, in complex claws for flixel does. Why?
2. closed shape for path does not seems to function!
when the sprite attached to it reaches the initial point, it starts reverse way same path.
Isn't supposed to continue the moving in the same direction?
Please answer!

help / help!! dame, player falls out of moving platform
« on: Thu, Mar 31, 2011 »
I downloaded the examples in the link:
However the example complex claw for flixel does not have in org. flixel , the flixel files included.
I manually copied flixel 2.35 into org. flixel.
I compiled the project with flash develop(for flash player 10)

However the player does not stay on the moving platform, he falls.
If I edit the moving platform to move horizontal the player stays still and he falls.
What am I missing? In the webpage it the same example the player sticks to the platform!!

LATER EDIT: I realized that the version with the player not falling out of the platform is flashpunk demo. Why the complexclaw for flixel does not include that feature (player to stay on the moving platform)?

help / Re: checkpoint in a platformer game
« on: Wed, Mar 23, 2011 »
ok i'll try that

help / checkpoint in a platformer game
« on: Wed, Mar 23, 2011 »
I am a noob in game dev.
I want to learn how to make flash platformer games.
I found several tutorials on the web. The tutorials are good, however, I want first to make the structure of the game.
If i have one map how to you save the progress by implementing checkpoints?
When you reach a checkpoint if you die and press r for restart to be reverted to the last checkpoint.

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