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help / Two questions (adding darkness to the game)
« on: Tue, May 31, 2011 »

I'm extending the EZplatformer for now and wanted to achieve such effect:

1) have complete darkness on the screen and some lightness around the player, like how you have a torch in a dark cave and a circle around you is just visible.

2) If I want to my level designer guy to easily change the map of the game, is it better to have like visual data changer stuff that I've seen around the boards or have it to read the game data via a text file?

If the second one, how can I make it hotreloaded ? Does flash detect when a file is changed so it would load it automatically?

Please bear in mind that it's my first steps with Flash and Flixel but I'm very familiar with C# and C++.

help / Which Flex SDK do I need for Flixel?
« on: Tue, May 3, 2011 »

1- I went to get Flex SDK that I saw there is a version 4 of it avaiable and I thought do I need that or the 3.0 one.

Plus, do I need Open Source Flex SDK and/or Adobe Add-ons too?

2- I'm planning on using FlashDevelop but would u use adobe flash cs5 if you could?


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