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help / Standalone EXE file.
« on: Fri, Jun 1, 2012 »

For a local competition I want to send my game but as I have to burn the game on a disc, I prefer to have a standalone EXE, like "normal" games. So I was thinking of publishing EXE from Flash or have it Air wrapped but I was afraid of the performance loss but I think what games like Machinarium or even Binding of Isaac do.

What would you suggest?

games / Rot Gut
« on: Tue, May 29, 2012 »
So finally.

I've been working with flixel for about a year and been working on a game for 5 months which got canceled and from what was left of it, we started Rot Gut and been working on it for abour 4 months. It's 99% completed and just wanted to show it to you guys as well.


Rot Gut is an action packed platformer set in America's 1920's Prohibition era. You take control of an agent who, to uncover their mysteries, goes on a mission to fight the city's underground armed to the teeth organizations.

Main features of the game:

- Gameplay: Several levels with different gameplay themes, featuring 5 enemy types and 2 boss fights, each equipped with their own A.I. and weapons.

- Art: Graphics are based on 1920's American gangster's era with Noir style mixed with retro aspects of pixel art. Each level has it's own setting and detailed art.

- Music: Each level has it's own uniquely composed music that is an exciting mixture of chiptune and 1920's Jazz.

- Sound Effects: Every enemy group has it's own voices for their deaths and kills. Each weapon and almost every sound has several versions to create a realistic sounding environment.

- Details: In order to make the game feel more fun, strong attention was paid to the details in the game; from the small sound of shotgun shells bouncing on the ground to that kick that firing a shotgun should have.

- Environment: Player can destroy several types of destructibles such as crates, barrels and chests in order to get coins, ammos and health packs.

- Inherent tutorial: First level of the game walks the player through the gameplay mechanics in a non-obstructive way without forcing him or her to get through a tutorial level and they will learn about the game while playing the first level.

- About the name: "Rot Gut" basically means the stomach ache that was caused by drinking bad or home made alcoholic drinks that were popular in 1920's due to it's prohibition.

Cheat menu:

Please note that in order to view the game as fast as possible, during the gameplay you can press Page Up to go to the next level and Page Down to get back to the previous level. Also Esc opens in-game pause menu with several "Cheat" options.

an screenshot of the game:

To play it, go to this URL:

I would be more than happy to read your feedbacks.

And check out the credits, I thanked all flixel community and Wolfgang & Arkeus and photonstorm in it!

help / overlapping key binds.
« on: Sun, Apr 29, 2012 »

I use similar keys for some functions in my game, like pressing up let's the play but something, but also used when he can goes through a door and also cycles weapons. Problem is, when he presses up to buy something, other part of the code that is in charge of changing weapon also gets this new key press and changes the weapon.

As I'm at last days of working on this game, I don't want to change the whole code to have a proper "bind" system, as I think that's the best solution, so I would be interested in more quick solutions here.

And since I check for those inputs at different parts, I can't check for example if player is colliding with a door, then don't change weapon.



I detect Escape key with this code at bottom of my Playstatea:

Code: [Select]
if ((FlxG.keys.justPressed("ESCAPE") || FlxG.keys.justPressed("P")))
if (!FlxG.paused)

But to my surprise, it doesn't work anymore in Win 7! But same code works fine in Win XP 32-bit ! Why is that?!


help / Particle jitter?
« on: Wed, Apr 25, 2012 »

I have some bouncy particles that when they their bouncyness finishes, don't get static on the screen and have a very small jitter (like they go one pixel up and one pixel down). I checked their velocities and it goes from a very big number to a very small number very fast and that causes the jitter.

Is there any workaround for this?


help / 2035: URL Not Found.
« on: Wed, Apr 25, 2012 »

I was testing my game that all of a sudden an error dialog opens with this text "2035: URL Not Found. flixel". Strange thing is this happened in my playstate where there is no URL or anything. I googled but found nothing relative to flixel.


help / Problem with buttons.
« on: Mon, Apr 16, 2012 »

I still have a problem with buttons. To put it as simple as possible:

I have two FlxGroups, one to show main menu screen with some buttons (like credits button to show credits group) and one to show credits screen with some buttons on it (like back button to show main menu again).

And it's working good when you press buttons just once. Problem arises when you press the credits button for the second time: under the hood  it calls the showcredits routine but calls the showMenu routine too! ! So the result will be credits button doing nothing.

I can't trace it any longer because when I put a breakpoint at FlxButton's onMouseUp function, the stack is empty and I can't define where the second unexpected call comes from.

BTW, here is my code:
Code: [Select]
import mochi.as3.MochiEvents;
import org.flixel.*;
import flash.ui.ContextMenu;
//import org.flixel.plugin.photonstorm.FlxButtonPlus;
import Playtomic.Log;

public class MenuState extends FlxState
private var mainMenuGroup:FlxGroup = new FlxGroup();
private var creditsGroup:FlxGroup = new FlxGroup();

private var mainMenuBackground:FlxSprite;
private var creditsBackground:FlxSprite;

private var isTransiting:Boolean = false;
private var gameBorder:FlxSprite;

// Buttons.
private var startButton:FlxButton;
private var creditsButton:FlxButton;
private var sponsorButton:FlxButton;
private var backButton:FlxButton;

override public function create():void

////// Main Menu screen.

mainMenuBackground = new FlxSprite(0, 0);
mainMenuBackground.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.Menu_Background, true, false, 350, 240);
mainMenuBackground.addAnimation("animate", [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10], 8, true);"animate");

startButton = new FlxButton(155, 110, null, demoEnteringTheGame);
startButton.onOver = start_button_over_reset;
startButton.onOut = start_button_out_reset;

creditsButton = new FlxButton(150, 140, null, enableCredits);
creditsButton.onOver = credits_button_over_reset;
creditsButton.onOut = credits_button_out_reset;

sponsorButton = new FlxButton(10, 210, null, openSponsorSite);
sponsorButton.onOver = sponsor_button_over_reset;
sponsorButton.onOut = sponsor_button_out_reset;


////// Credits screen.

creditsBackground = new FlxSprite(0, 0, AssetsRegistry.MenuCreditsScreen);

backButton = new FlxButton(160, 190, null, returnToMainmenu);
backButton.onOver = back_button_over_reset;
backButton.onOut = back_button_out_reset;


creditsGroup.callAll("kill"); // make the credit screen invisible by default.

FlxG.playMusic(WouldYouLikeToSeeTheMenu, 0.8);

FlxG.level = 1;

if (FlxG.debug)
FlxG.level = 1;
//FlxG.switchState(new PlayState ());
//FlxG.switchState(new EndingState());

FlxG.flash(0xff000000, 0.5); // Fade in effect.


// These functions are a hack to make FlxButton to load custom images.

private function start_button_over_reset():void { startButton.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.StartButtonHighlight); }
private function start_button_out_reset():void { startButton.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.StartButtonNormal); }

private function credits_button_over_reset():void { creditsButton.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.CreditsButtonHighlight); }
private function credits_button_out_reset():void { creditsButton.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.CreditsButtonNormal); }

private function sponsor_button_over_reset():void { sponsorButton.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.SponsorButtonHighlight); }
private function sponsor_button_out_reset():void { sponsorButton.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.SponsorButtonNormal); }

private function back_button_over_reset():void { backButton.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.BackButtonHighlight); }
private function back_button_out_reset():void { backButton.loadGraphic(AssetsRegistry.BackButtonNormal); }

private function openSponsorSite():void { FlxU.openURL(sponsorSite); }
private function openAidinSite():void { FlxU.openURL(aidinSite); }
private function openAidinEmail():void { FlxU.openURL(aidinEmail); }
private function openLawrenceSite():void { FlxU.openURL(lawrenceSite);}


private function toggleMuteSounds():void
FlxG.mute = !FlxG.mute;


private function returnToMainmenu():void


private function enableCredits():void


private function demoEnteringTheGame():void
//;, 0.8);
FlxG.fade(0xff000000, 1.2, switchToStartGame);


private function switchToStartGame():void
FlxG.switchState(new SplashScreenState);


I want to pass myFlxGroup.countLiving()'s output to but I can't. I want to do something like this:

Code: [Select], "countDead()");
But the second parameter should be a variable name from the first parameter.

How I can overcome this?


help / Stateful buttons?
« on: Tue, Apr 10, 2012 »

I'm using FlxButtonPlus for my mute button and it's working perfectly. Problem is, I want it to show another image when it's pressed. Like in mute button, when player presses mute button, it should keep showing that the game is muted and show the muted button and don't change back when mouse leaves the button.

How can I do it with FlxButtonPlus?


For my main menu, I want to have two FlxGroups that I put several buttons into each of them and toggle those buttons that each of them toggles each of those FlxGroups to see buttons that each have inside them. (for FlxGroup1 has two buttons, FlxGroup2 has two other buttons and if you click first button, you see FlxGroup1's buttons and same thing for FlxGroup2).

Problem is I don't know what I should with the FlxGroup's to make them properly disappear their containments. If I SetAll("visible", false) them, they buttons are not visible but are clickable. If I destroy them, they don't work at all.

And inputs?


help / Precise control over animations.
« on: Tue, Apr 10, 2012 »

I have a non-looping animation that play back based on some criteria. Problem is, sometimes when I want to play the animation, it is already playing and playing it again causes it to restart, which is ugly visually.

So how I can prevent to re-play an animation when it's already playing?


help / Bug in stopping music?
« on: Sat, Apr 7, 2012 »

When I want to stop a music that I played back with FlxG.playMusic, I use either or FlxG.pauseSounds() and it worked until now that I discovered if after calling either of these functions, your game loses focus and gains it back, the music track starts again automatically!

So is there a better way to stop a music track that you played back with FlxG.playMusic ?

I know that we get a FlxSound handle when we use that we can use to mute it but we don't get any pointers from FlxG.playMusic.


help / How to contain FlxButtonPlusses?
« on: Thu, Apr 5, 2012 »

I added some FlxButtonPlusses to two flxgroups and with each button of each group, I toggle the other one with setting the other one's exists to false. This works first time I do it but from the second time, buttons call the wrong callbacks and won't work properly.

help / Problem with FlxButtonPlus.
« on: Thu, Apr 5, 2012 »

For displaying credits, on my main menu I created a hidden flxgroup and added an image and a back button to it and when credits button is pressed, I show it and it worked fine with FlxButton. Problem arose when I used FlxButtonPlus: When I press back on my credits menu, the credits button on the main menu is still at it's "highlighted" state unless I hover my mouse over it and get's fixed.

help / Exposing an internal function from FlxGame.
« on: Thu, Apr 5, 2012 »

I would like to call FlxGame's showSoundTray from another method outside of this class, so how I can expose it to outside?

I would rather not to modify flixel's code.

I tried to add a public function ShowSoundTray that calls internal showSoundTray to FlxGame but I don't have anoy references to FlxGame and I think I can't since I think my playstate is inside FlxGame but if so, why I don't have access to my public wrapper.


help / Muting just SFX?
« on: Sun, Apr 1, 2012 »

I know I can mute everything with FlxG, but is there any way to just mute Music or just Sound Effects?


help / Custom images for FlxButton?
« on: Sat, Mar 31, 2012 »

Is it possible to have custom images for buttons? Like not to have a rectangle for a button but have an image instead and another one for when mouse is hovered on it.


help / Best ad service?
« on: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 »

I was googling around for ad services to use on my flash game and I found too many that I thought it would be better ask veterans here rather than reading each of them FAQs.

What about games that people put on newgrounds and kongregate? Do they have their on ad serivce?

One more thing, which one is easier to implmenet? I've read the CPMstar section of the forums and seems lots of people are having problems with it.


help / Pause menu with "P" doesn't work in 2.55
« on: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 »

I remember we had the default pause menu with "P" key but it doesn't work when I test it. Is it removed or do I have to do something to enable it?


help / Is there anyway to load gif animations or SWF?
« on: Wed, Mar 28, 2012 »

For my last cutscene, I want to show an animation that is fullscreen. So I can have gif animation or make it into an SWF, which one is possible and perhaps easier since I'm very low on time.

Please elaborate on your recommendation a little since I have no idea how to load either of them or how to make them and into flixel.

any help is appreciated.


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