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help / Re: Game Music
« on: Wed, Aug 22, 2012 »
I would first suggest to try free/GPL/LGPL/etc music and if that doesn't suit you, try generating it. If your game is good [enough] some composers may work for you to have your game in their CV.
Thanks! Any kown website with that can of music, or I just surf the web :) ?

I've heard of a certain Milky Tracker and a certain Sunvox.... i've never used Milky Tracker,so i can't tell you if it's good, but i can say that Sunvox i really cool
Thanks! I'll try the Sunvox and Milky if there are OS X version jeje

help / Game Music
« on: Tue, Aug 21, 2012 »
Hello, I'm almost finishing my flash game and I need the game music. I don't have much idea of how to create it, for the sounds I use a sound generator website.

Can someone tell me a program or a tool with I can create the music for my game??

Thanks a lot :)!

releases / Flixel for Android
« on: Sun, Apr 8, 2012 »
Hello, I wanna introduce you a library I made for Android based on the lovely Flixel.
Spiller, an Android Game Development Library.
It's written entirely in Java, and designed to be used with free development tools such as Eclipse, Spiller as well as Flixel  it is easy to learn, extend and customize. Because I port using 99% of the structure of Flixel.

It has been developed so the games made with it could be run within any Android Device despite their Android version or hardware specifications. It has been developed using Android 2.3.3 libraries, but it shouldn’t give any trouble under Android 2.2
For the implementation of the main graphic system I use the 2D CPU system instead the OpenGL and hardware accelerated system (which uses the GPU).
I want to make the library fully useful for the older and low devices, but I plan to create a module in the short time that allow to use CPU or GPU, just changing some config, in order to make the library more powerful.

Despite the Spiller has the Flixel structure it has some stuff that do not exist in Flixel, such as Light sensor, accelerometer sensor, multi touch support...

It's now useful for developing games, and I'm looking for some people who wanna test and help me increase it's quality.

I let you a small video I made of a game I'm developing for Android:
For further info visit:

If someone wanna try it just contact me here or in my website :)

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