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chat / Re: Introductions
« Last post by mike96 on Tue, Aug 30, 2016 »
Hi, friends. I am Mike Craig. I have just joined and this happens to be my first post. I will try and take my time off from work enough, to be able to relatively active on this forum. Its been long time that I wished to be a part of community, such as yours Fingers Crossed to have a wonderful experience.

games / Re: Looking for an old Flixel game
« Last post by Barts on Tue, Aug 30, 2016 »
Hey, I'm not sure if one year later you are still looking for that game, but on account of a very slim chance that you might be: it was "Where we remain" by Twofold Secret.

I hope that it helps.
Haven't posted for a few weeks...

Because I've been busy working with Games Foundry on Folk Tale. You can listen to the first in a series of soundreels here:
chat / Re: Free Music / SFX Resource
« Last post by Eric Matyas on Sun, Jul 31, 2016 »
Hi everyone,

Here are this week's new free tracks:

"Sewer Monsters on the Move" on my Funny 3 Page

"Aftermath" on my Horror/Surreal Page

"Alien Swamp" on my SFX - SciFi Amb Page

"Alien Vistas" on my Sci-Fi 5 Page

"Cyber Dystopia" on my Sci-Fi 5 Page

I hope they are helpful!

Daily updates, as always, are here:

Have a great week!
help / SwitchState don't work
« Last post by thedupy124 on Wed, Jul 13, 2016 »
Hello everyone.

I'm a beginner with Flixel, so i try to make a pong to learn this beautiful librarie. I need to make a victory screen that will ask if the player want to start again. So, i made a VictoryState class, and in this class, I use FlxG.switchState(new PlayState()) to switch on the game, but i got the error :
"Call to a possibly undefined method switchState through a reference with static type Class."

And I just don't understand why i got this error. I try to do it in another static function, but i got the same error.

Code: [Select]
package com
import org.flixel.*;
* ...
* @author Dupy
public class VictoryState extends FlxState
private var again:FlxText;

public function VictoryState()
again.text = "LOL";

override public function update():void
if (FlxG.keys.X)
                                FlxG.switchState(new PlayState());



Help me please, dear community !
I've been on holiday for a week :) But I'm back now... to make banging sound effects and smash melons with hammers, so still :)

Here's a sample of some of the work I've done with Infinity PBR; sounds for the Bomber Bug monster.
help / Newbie question: Exporting to CSV
« Last post by agarciape on Sun, Jul 10, 2016 »

I posted this question a few months ago and for some reason it has never been approved by a moderator. So I'll try again:

Total newbie here, and struggling. I would like to be able to have a record of everything that went in a particular game, in particular the time during a game at which a certain event (e.g., a mouse click) occurs. I'm not sure about how to do this. Ideally, what I should get is saving each of these events as a new instance in an array and save it to a csv file. Would I be able to do this with Flixel? I apologize if this is a really silly question, but as I said I'm quite new to this.
Thanks in advance!
releases / Re: XM Template with NES samples
« Last post by GameNotes on Thu, Jul 7, 2016 »
I've been using MilkyTracker for over a year now, and I'm really glad I found this page, because I wouldn't know how to make drums, heh

Anyway, I was wondering if it would be okay if I used this XM template in the music for the game I'm developing, Electric Storm. (The game is pretty ambitious, and it may or may not ever be released... hopefully it will, but no matter what, I at least want to release the soundtrack.) I most likely won't end up making any profit off of it, although at this point I'm not sure about that yet; I might end up doing just that, haha

Either way, here's a few examples of the songs I've been making. If it's not ok with you, that's fine; I can always go into the songs and create drums from scratch. :)
games / Rot Gut
« Last post by test84 on Tue, Jun 28, 2016 »
Our flixel game, Rot Gut, is now available on Steam:
releases / Rot Gut
« Last post by test84 on Tue, Jun 28, 2016 »
Our flixel game, Rot Gut, is now available on Steam:
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