Author Topic: RULES - please read before posting!  (Read 5439 times)

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RULES - please read before posting!
« on: Tue, Jun 2, 2009 »
Welcome to the flixel chat board!  You can pretty much post anything you want here, as long as it is at least tangentially related to game development, and/or flixel and flash development in particular.  If the community grows to the point where there is a need or desire for a non-game related chatting space here, I will happily add that at that time!

1: Coarse language is fine with me personally, but due to the (hopefully) accessible nature of flixel there is a possibility there will be some younger readers.  So, no rules about language, exactly, but I think if we all agree to be relatively civil most of the time that will work nicely?

2: If, and who knows how or why this would even come up, anyone ever makes any comment that could be construed in good faith as racist, your account will be removed, IP banned forever, and all posts deleted ASAP.

3: If you post something completely useless that is also completely disconnected from the field of game design, I'll probably end up deleting it while housecleaning.

4: Finally, if anyone is being an ass, I will take action.
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